April 2010

So I have spent some time training on all the

Benefits of Attraction Marketing,

and how with the right tools.. one can find amazing success by simply giving value first and following up with their business. Well.. I have come to the conclusion that there is a very important aspect that many are leaving out..

First off.. Attraction Marketing works..

and anybody who says it doesn’t.. just isn’t using it.. and probably is not as successful as those leaders using it.. Now the key that many don’t tell you.. You must remember that you are going to Attract what you are giving out. What do I mean by this statement.. well.. if you are lazy, you will attract lazy people. If you are shy, you will attract shy people. If you are a self-motivator you will attract self motivators If you have an employee mind set.. you will attract the employee mind set. I decided to share this “secret” about Attraction Marketing, because it caught me by surprise.  See, I have a strong personality and wasn’t quite sure to have a taste of my own medicine.. I also wasn’t sure it would work.. So guess what I attracted.. strong and negative personalities! At first I found this kind of odd, due to the fact that I am smiling all the time.. yet I had to look in the mirror first and then I looked at my growing list and realized that Attraction Marketing definitely works.. smile.

Attraction Marketing is an amazing marketing technique that WORKS.. hands down..

as long as you are not afraid to look in the mirror every once and awhile have an Attraction Marketing Tool!

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Have an amazing day, with Attraction marketing success and  full of reasons to keep smiling
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