October 2010

Wow.. what a weekend! Yes, you read the title.. and Yes I actually achieved just that. I joined a business, qualified for commissions and won a team contest all in 6 hours. Now just between you and I.. I’m still sitting on cloud nine with that success.. especially because I made money and then won more money. Guys.. this is one of the reasons I love this industry. I know you are wondering.. HOW??? That is the part that is so amazing. I worked the warm and cold market around me. Oh, and I worked until I accomplished my goal.

As you know, I have been in network marketing for 13 years. Yet let me tell you the part you might not know.. I never built a team until last year. So basically took 12 years of self improvement to get to a point of being prepared to handle a team. This weekend I experienced another FIRST!! One of those “FIRST” that you hear about all the time, yet it just didn’t seem possible for me. We have all been there, watching other leaders explode wondering, “What am I doing wrong? or What am I not doing?”

Well I’m here to tell you that persistence WORKS.. Never give up.. keep pushing. I give credit to this past weekend’s success to many things. 1. My upline is AMAZING. 2. I payed Attention 3. I kept pushing until I succeed. 4. The team of Network Marketers that I am attached to are individuals with GREAT integrity. 5. The company is on FIRE!!

So, if you are reading this post, and you are wondering what is really going on in my business. Why am I not finding the success I desire. Look at those 5 points above and ask yourself, Is my up-line helping me to succeed? Have I paid attention? Did I really persist until I found the success I desired? As I look around does my team have integrity? Does my company really have the ability to bring my success? If you answer NO to any of those questions.. Click the link below and let’s start down a path that will lead you directly to the success you KNOW you deserve.

Complete the application and I will PERSONALLY follow up with you. I believe in helping others find the success that I have found.. and hopefully more.. That way we all can continue to KEEP SMILING!!


Wow.. what an amazing weekend. God used me to give a fantastic word on Saturday. What a blessing. The most interesting thing about Saturday is that I’m not really comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. Yet with the strength from God, I marched straight into the situation without boundaries. So, I figured today I would write about how awesome it truly is to live life without boundaries. When I say without boundaries I do not mean without restraints or discipline. When I say without boundaries, I mean with boldness, without fear. It seemed appropriate that I make that clear… lol.. smile.

The definition of boundaries per our friend Webster is something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent. Well, when you are setting your goals and blueprint for your business are you allowing boundaries to hold you back? Earlier I stated that speaking in large crowds wasn’t really something that was comfortable for me, yet I prepared for Saturday without boundaries. I studied and prepared as if I was a trained public speaker or a seasoned Preacher. The absolute joy that I experienced after speaking is unexplainable. Sometimes we allow lack of boldness and fear to stop us from living life without boundaries.

As we prepare to move into a new year, I challenge you to decide to dream without boundaries, to build your business without boundaries, and to begin building your empire without boundaries. I’ll stand with you every step of the way, because you see, I’m doing the same thing. I’ve decided that I’m moving forward without boundaries. I’m running toward the things and task that I would usually shy away from. So as you are preparing your goals for the next 60 days, or 6 months or 12 months.. go ahead and break free from all the boundaries that have kept you in the same place you are today. Make a decision to Live Life Without Boundaries..

Keep Smiling,

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Ok.. I need you guys to know that everything I write on this blog are areas that I’m either working through or have worked through.. and have to come back too..smile. Remember that this is a cycle.. it is not like a one time fix.. sometimes you can repair things to a point.. depending on your mindset at that time. As you grow and your mindset evolves you began to go back and reevaluate areas that you thought were ordered.

Well, Let me tell you.. this has been a week of reordering for myself. I am a member of the Inner Circle Alliance, a training by Tracey Walker and Nicole Cooper. On Tuesday night during our training they discussed getting our desk in order. I looked at my desk at that moment and thought to myself, “What a Mess!!”. Nicole gave an amazing way to get things in order. I’m going to tell you right now.. on Wednesday I came home with the tools Nicole recommended and started cleaning off my desk. As I left my office and went into the living room.. I started cleaning in there.. then I moved to the kitchen.. I was like a mad woman going through my house.

Now my house is far from messy.. yet looking through my NEW mindset it simply was not acceptable. My daughter woke up for school and said, “Mom, the house looks great”. I love when my girls recognize when I have “slaved”.. smile. The point being that it was as if my mind cleared as the house cleared. My dreams, my ideas started flowing.

This week at my church I have been chosen as one of three ladies to bring the word to the people. (At 3pm Est. at Ray of Hope Chapel, 2778 Snapfinger Road, Decatur, GA 30034, in case you are in the area) I have been working on this diligently this week.. and the Lord has opened up my eyes to reasons why my success has appeared to become stagnant. He showed me that as I cleaned I made room for more of my dream to become a reality.

So I send this message out to you to simply say.. “Look around.. Do you see order or mess?” If you see mess or disorder, stop what you are doing and begin to clean the area out. If you are saying to yourself right now, I work better in mess.. well.. come on.. you and I both know that the mess is covering up something.. that probably has nothing to do with your business.

We are in a season of prosperity, and I don’t know about you.. yet I want to receive all that is for me. Take some time and make the things around you ordered and watch your dreams become a reality.

Have an amazing evening.. and Keep Smiling,

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So be honest, did you drink the Economic Recession Kool-Aid?

Do you realize if one tells a person that they are “broke” enough times.. that they will start to believe it? Well, the same thing is true with this “economic recession” issue. Ok.. let’s throw out some facts, the definition of recession in Webster Dictionary is a period of reduced economic activity. Seriously, if your life looks anything mines prior to this “economic recession“.. then I’m way better NOW, during this “economic recession“. Honestly, I’m no longer in a personal economic recession.

Are you in an economic recession?

economic recession

Are you going through a period of reduced economic activity?

As you all know, I’m a single mother of two amazing daughters. There was a time, about 12 months ago, when I had to have the FAITH to know that my economic recession would end. Many will say give me the magic formula to financial freedom. I could totally give it to you. Because I’ve used it and it works. Yet it only works if you have the faith to back it up.

Do you have the Faith to press through your economic recession?

Now I started this post stating that if a person tells somebody they are broke long enough they will believe it. Same thing if somebody tells you that your business will not work. Or if they say, this is the worst time to build your own business. Or better yet.. I know you guys know this one.. “No one will purchase your products.. this is an economic recession“.

My friends.. do not believe the Nay sayers. They are probably “broke”.. or better yet in an“economic recession”.

I tell you these words, “Everyone deserves your products”. “It is a buyers market”. “You are on the road to success”. “You are wealthy!” “Your business is recession PROOF!”. So whose words will you choose to believe? If you are surrounded by people who continually tell you what will not happen.. eventually you will start to believe it.. You must surround yourself with motivating individuals. People that want and have the things you are striving to gain.

Keep Smiling,

There will come a time in your life when you are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. If that day is today, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW!! I would love to add you to my circle. In my circle there is not room for “broke”!! Only “wealth”! We are using Attraction Marketing, Network Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing as our avenues to success and there is always room for you as you begin to use your Faith to break free from your economic recession.


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Goal Setting 101, We must start somewhere, Start Here!

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