November 2011

SEOPressor makes me look like a Pro.. Yet….

seriously.. I really knew nothing about what the search engines were looking for when it came to SEO for my blog post.  I mean I noticed other people constantly migrating upward in the search engines.. and when I’d ask them.. they would say it’s in the SEO.. Ok.. WHAT??? LOL.. Now, since I’ve been on the Internet, marketing since 2009.. I eventually learned a few things.. but when it came to SEO for my blog.. I was still not quite at the top of the list.. if you get my point.  Then my business partner introduced me to SEOPressor.


So why tell you about SEOPressor NOW????

Oh.. that is an easy one.. Many partners, friends and family are getting involved in the BEST EVER.. Viral Blogging System known as Empower Network.. Folks are making money all over the internet.  There are people deciding to blog today that just 5 days ago said, “Ahhh that’s just not for me!” (Funny how some money can make something fit you perfectly.. ) Yet newbies at blogging really have no idea how to make your blog post so juicy that the search engines have to take a bite.

What can SEOPressor Do for YOU… Well…

Let me show you.. see SEOPressor is a wordpress plugin. It is going to basically give you a Score Card.. with task to complete in order to raise you score. Now I don’t know about you, but I love directions.  Give me the 1-2-3 and I’m on my way to success… place me in a dark room.. well.. I’m going to say.. ,”Ahhh that’s just not for me!”

Here let me show you.


So you start with your blog post.. and SEOPressor   is going to give you your SEOPressor Score card.  Notice how the Score starts at 30%.  Your probably like what is that.. well.. as you know already.. you must do some keyword research.  Well you place your keyword in.. notice the SEOPressor Keyword is seopressor.  Now on this example the keyword density is too high.. it’s at 33%… ouch.. The keyword density is the % of times the keyword is located in the blog post.  I personally like to stay between 2-3%… How do I know that.. DUDE.. I use SEOPressor.. lol.. Also notice the X’s going down the SEOPressor score card.  Well this is your check list.  You will need to complete each of these steps in order to make your blog full of SEO juice so that the search engines simply can’t resist your blog.

SEOPressorNow, notice the SEOPressor score card once all the steps are complete.  Now realize.. you didn’t have to take any long training, classes, or anything, though SEOPressor does offer training videos to move you through the steps.  When I first placed SEOPressor on my blog it took me about one hour to add my SEO Juice.. now.. I can do it in my sleep.. I actually added what was necessary to this blog as I typed it.. I LOVE THIS PLUGIN.

So many people are taking up blogging now, especially with the Empower Network adding 1000’s of new SERIOUS bloggers daily.  You really want to get ahead of the bunch.. Well this is one of my BEST KEPT SECRETS as to getting rankings on blog post.

Considering your are serious about making every blog count toward your ultimate goal of success, I would say it only makes sense that you add SEOPressor to your arsenal!

Keep Smiling,

So you’re ready to take your blogging to the level of success that leaves clues.. well CLICK HERE!  Oh.. and if you are NEW to blogging.. No need to do it on your own.. we have a community.. Simple  CLICK HERE and Join the Dream Team! Get SEOPressor and join me at the Top, smile.


Lately I’ve noticed a lot of chatter about the one percent.

the one percent

I must be honest it caught me by surprise at first.. considering the fact that over my career we were all striving to become a memeber of the three percent.. ahhh remember those days..

So now only the one percent control the finances of the United States of America.

How does that make you feel?  I was sitting and talking with my father, who I might add is a retired Army man.. GO ARMY!! We discussed how the one percent don’t really give a crap about the needs of the country.  I kind of took a different approach. I told my father that I see this race to become one of the one percent as an opprotunty.  I mean really very few of us have ever experienced life as one of the three percent so whats the big difference now that it’s the one percent.  I personally know for a fact that it is in environments like the one we are currently in that millionaires are created.  It is in environments like this one that the next generation has the opportunity to make a stand..

With the internet at our disposal becoming one of the one percent may not be as difficult as people think.  I read this book called Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk and he talks about using the internet to create a pretty nice life for yourself.  I ask you this..

Are you going to allow the one percent to stop you?

Or are you going to allow the one percent to motivate you to do something different.  I’m taking this opportunity and running with it.. and I recommend you do the same thing.  Let’s Go!

Keep Smiling

If you need to know what to do next in order to take advantage of the one percent environment CLICK HERE! Don’t wait to long, opprotunities like this one created by the one percent do not last long..