December 2011

I just saw Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol today.. and is it just me.. or..

Do you feel like driving fast after leaving a movie of this nature.. I mean seriously.. maybe it is just me.. considering that I learned how to drive in Frankfurt Germany.  Yes I drove on the Autobahn at the age of 17.. and ever since I have had this need for speed.  Yes, my license has been on rocking ground here in America before.. smiling. I left the movie today driving faster than usual.  Then I saw a cop, and slowed my tail down.  Just to give you a visual I drive a VW Jetta.  It is actually my fifth Volkswagon.  I drove my VW like I was driving this…


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As I woke up this morning craving my morning coffee, I realized we are in the middle of a Javalution.

What is a Javalution?? I decided to call it a revolution with coffee, yet it is actually the Javalution Coffee Company. This company was founded in 2003 by two friends. They wanted to find a way to stay healthy and fit, while not drastically changing their lifestyles. I’d say they found
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 The Ignite15 Body Transformation System can change your life.. That’s the BIG deal!

I give the Ignite15 Body Transformation system credit for allowing me to personally lose two pants sizes in 15 days.  Now, in my world, that is a pretty BIG Deal.  The Ignite15 Body Transformation System is an easy-to-follow weight management program that’s designed to help you “rev up” your metabolism so you can lose weight faster. It’s protein-intense to help you build muscle–which burns more calories than fat. Plus, there are no point values to calculate and no calories to count–so you can focus on reaching your ideal, healthy weight! Now that I’ve given you the facts, let’s see if the Ignite15 Body Transformation System is for you.

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This DrinkACT Review that sets the record Straight!!

You are probably at this site because you are considering becoming a DrinkACT business owner or you are already a DrinkACT rep.

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