January 2012

Mary Kay Consultants

are becoming success stories!

Today, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing lady.  She has list of accomplishments in her life.  She is constantly helping Mary Kay Consultants succeed.   Her name is Talvia Peterson, M.B.A. Today, Mrs. Peterson told her story and it is amazing and worth sharing. mary kay consultants

Mary Kay Consultants and

others can learn a lot from Mrs. Talvia!

She gave so many nuggets that I know will help anybody in any business.  So I asked Mrs. Talvia Peterson if I could share with you and of course she said YES!!  I mean this amazing lady makes a living helping other people realize their dreams. Read The Rest Of Entry


As I was looking through my mentor Tracy Walker’s blog I noticed

this video and thought I had to share it. 


Once you watch it, comment below and let me know what you think

Enjoy and Keep Smiling.



As an internet marketer who needed facebook marketing for beginners, I receive many emails through my Facebook account. Today I received three emails that brought me to a point where I had to write this article. I had to think back to when I first began on Facebook a few years ago and really sit and think about when my Facebook marketing really began to explode. First let me start by saying that it didn’t explode because I had over 3000 friends. Second, it did not explode because I posted a lot of quotes on my page. Now understand I totally tried these methods, yet they did not result in money in my pocket, or a response from the individuals with whom I was attempting to connect.

I needed Facebook Marketing For Beginners!

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You have joined DrinkACT, a mlm company with amazing products and a very nice compensation plan. You have all the tools you need to begin marketing your business, yet you are not sure where to start. Well, first we must envision where you are going. Do you realize how your life will change when you

 Explode your DrinkACT business in the next 60 days

Seriously, take a look at what your life would look like if you exploded your DrinkACT business in the next 60 days. How many debts would still exist? What vacations would you schedule? Who would you bless with your success? It is possible and here are the steps to direct you to a DrinkACT Explosion.

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