September 2012

Wow…today I took a trip to my NEW FAVORITE coffee shop… It’s called Alcove Coffee..

Alcove Coffee is so good!

I was on the phone with my business partner Shawn Johnson.. telling him about how the coffee here taste “cleaner” then that at Starbucks.. I mean nothing against Starbucks.. yet If I’m going to pay $5.00 for a Carmel Macchiato… I want it to taste good.. smile.  So as I’m in the shop on the phone simply bragging as the Barista, Jada, made my fabulous coffee. 

I mean it is so good that I have to literally treat myself. Only one per week.  Alcove Coffee took the place of a Starbucks that was located in the same location.  I will be honest.. my first thought was.. Man.. now I have to drive totally out of the way to get my coffee.. so my opinion was already set the minute I walked into Alcove Coffee for the first time.

Have you ever made a decision before you had all the facts?

Now I asked Jada the name of the owner.. because it is not a fluke.. that this coffee is AWESOME.. every time I visit the coffee is amazing.  The owner of this Fabulous coffee shop is Cherie Johnson.  Ms. Johnson is on to something pretty great here.  I asked Jada, “Is the coffee ‘cleaner’?” She explained to me that the coffee is roasted just right.. and not burnt.. which is why it taste better.  Now I do not pretend to be a coffee connoisseur.. yet I know when something taste good.  smile.

Alcove Coffee’s atmosphere is made for relaxing

As I was enjoying the “cleaner” coffee that I once judged because I didn’t want to try something different.. I had to think about my business.  And How Empower Network is cleaner than any MLM I have ever been apart of  See I could never duplicate in my MLM so that the entire team made money.. and it felt dirty.. I felt like a fraud.  And even now there are so many that are judging without taking the opportunity to “taste and see”.  I’m telling you just like I ‘thought’ Starbucks was the best.. until I tried Alcove Coffee.. The same thing with MLM until I tasted Empower Network.  Year after year after year… yes I have 16 years in the MLM industry trying to get on stage and make that top spot.  Trying to take care of my family.. and then I decided to stop judging and decided to taste and see and now I’m paying my bills with my Empower Network money.. not because I’m some super marketer.. yet because it’s truly duplicatible.  And I ended up on stage..

See never judge a book by it’s cover.. and don’t think just because you have a favorite that you can not replace it.. Just like I do not like Starbucks anymore.. (now I will drink it.. cuz there is only one Alcove Coffee…for now).  I’m also a completely changed person.. and I can only say it is because I am willing to Taste and See!! Are you willing?

Keep Smiling

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Don’t Think About It!

ROFL.. so as you know I’m going through this training with Dave Wood.. and I’ve just completed day 3! And when I tell you I’m reading the training.. you can see it by Click Here! I mean he talks about how it is practically impossible to Not think about what you don’t want to think about without thinking about it.  Yeah.. Don’t think about it just read it for yourself. Click Here!

I’m serious.. Don’t Think About It!

See if you think about it.. I’m realizing that things can get really mixed up.. so just don’t think about it. I know it sounds really bizarre.. yet the more you actually think about the fact that you don’t want to think about it.. it seems like saying don’t think about it just leads to you thinking about it.  Exactly.. that last sentence took me for a loop as well.. yet I learned a very large lesson today. You don’t really want to learn this lesson which is why you won’t Click Here to figure out what I’m talking about.. just don’t think about it.
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 What You Have?

So I just read a blog post written by David Wood.. this guy is is teaching something that not many of us get the opportunity to enjoy and understand.  Click Here Now to Read The Post! He talked about using what you have to get what you want.. I know.. I know it sounds a little optimistic. Yet I like to consider myself an optimist.what you have

I literally read this post and made a decision and things began to change immediately.. That’s right.. Immediately.  As I went through my day I realized that I have many things to pull from in order to get what I want…. and money had nothing to do with it..
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