October 2012

So You Want To Start A Business For Free?

So you are looking to start a business yet you do not have anything to invest.  So your first option is to start a business for free.  I always wonder what kind of mind set it takes to start a business for free.  When you start a business for free and you make a sale for free, do you earn.. FREE?? Which leads to the next question… When I start my business for free, can I start paying my bills with free?? Basically when I earn free for my sales.. can I pay my bills with FREE?? Let me tell you… I asked my Power company and they told me H@$% Nah!! LOL.. So again I wonder what kind of mind set can start a business for free.

Mindset needed to start a business for free!

It doesn’t seem like it should take much mindset to start a business for free.. I mean just do it.. and enjoy the ROI.. or shall I say enjoy the Return On Investment.. which is FREE.. right??

Check out this video about how to start a business for free!

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It’s Time For A Single Mom Google Hangout!

The more I think about it.. I realize that more and more single moms want to make an extra income without having to physically leave the house.  I mean when we get second, third, and fourth jobs.. is causes us to have to pay more in child care expenses and gas.. which usually wipe out any profit we may receive.  Many of us our there are not getting the child support due us each month and really need something we can invest our time into that will benefit our family and our life style. Why not have a Single Mom Google Hangout?

Why have a Single Mom Google Hangout?

Well, as a single mom myself, I know that I need to make sure that what I invest my time and money into have to be real. As a single mom that is generating enough income on-line to support myself and my two daughters, I know what is working.  Now let me clarify.  I am not a millionaire.. YET.. yet I definitely make way more than a job, and I’m able to take care of my family from home with my own hours.  The more work I put in the less I have to work in the future.  I’m putting in work now.. and I’m ACTUALLY have things set up to work while I sleep.  Now let me ask you.. does your job pay you while you are sleeping at home? We need a Single Mom Google Hangout.  Now another thing is that most of you reading this.. are thinking.. “I don’t know this CHICK!!!” And you are absolutely right!! So why not come to my Single Mom Google Hangout and ask me computer to computer.. LOL.. (with a webcam) the exact questions that you have.  Then decide for yourself if you want to lock arms with me and start creating your own child support system as I have.

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Want To Create A Capture Page On Aweber?

I remember when the simplest things seemed impossible.  Things like creating a capture page on aweber.  I looked all over the place for ways to create capture pages.. and everything I found required me to purchase something with a monthly fee. I always had Aweber (yet back then they didn’t have this ability when I started with them).  I recently have created many capture page on aweber and they all do an amazing job getting people onto my list. Every training that I have attended with multi-millionaire Internet Marketers has explained how when they first found success they had the most ugly capture pages.

I want a Capture Page On Aweber.. yet what is a Capture Page?

Great question… Capture pages have different names.  Some call them opt-in boxes, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, sign-up boxes, and sign-up pages and all of them are web pages that capture a persons information.  What ever information you desire.  From just email addresses, to names, addresses, phone numbers.. what ever you desire to capture of your leads.  With the intention being to FOLLOW UP!! One of the most overlooked necessities in our industry is the need to follow up.  Unless you are bringing in 100’s of leads a day.. you need to follow up. The simplest way to do this is through email marketing, yet how do you get a list to email.  Well, in comes the capture page on aweber.

This training will show you step by step how to set up your capture page on aweber.  You can even create one while you watch.


Now that you know how to create a capture page on aweber you are ready to market!

If you need an Aweber account CLICK HERE!


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How To Build Pampered Chef On-Line!

I have a special place in my heart for The Pampered Chef. It was the first MLM that I found success in.. back in 2000. I knew nothing about how to build pampered chef online then. Funny how things change. Yet one thing that has not changed that I am a food preparer.. lol.

One reason why I stopped sharing Pampered Chef is because I simply could not continue to carry the crate around with all the products and keep holding parties. As a single mom, I needed to have my daughter in bed at a certain time.. and with the parties, it wasn’t working out well. In 2009 I made a decision to build a business by leveraging the internet. Yet at this point I was not longer in Pampered Chef. I have spent hours and hours learning how to leverage the internet in order to grow my business without having to be present at every single presentation. I have also learned how you can build Pampered Chef On-line.

Watch And See How You Can Build Pampered Chef On-Line!


Will Guide You to Build Pampered Chef On-Line!

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build pampered chef on-line


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