December 2012

How To Leverage The Internet During The Holidays

Leverage The Internet

One of the best times to leverage the internet is during the holidays.  Honestly as business owners that build using the internet, love to have the opportunity to leverage the internet during the holidays.  What exactly is leveraging the internet.. I know that is what a few of you are asking yourself.  You have heard these rumors about these secret rooms where individuals are setting up businesses that actually allow them to have a business and enjoy their life. Yet for some reason you can’t seem to get the key and the location of the door to the secret room. I would bet that you have had either the key or the door location at one time or another.. just never had both at that same time. One thing you have noticed is that in order to leverage the internet and actually have a life, you must have two keys.

Show Me The Key And Door Location of The Secret Room To Leverage The Internet

It’s really interesting how it simply seems like there actually is a secret room. Yet if you are reading this blog post, then you are already in the room and you know that when you leverage the internet the key is turning.  The key you hold is for your destiny,  your future, and your dreams.  I have a friend who attend many events, simply trying to locate that secret room.  My friend never considered the fact that he was already in the room.. It was like he was looking for a unicorn.. a fantasy..not a reality.  For years he would come back from event after event, business after business, and look completely broken.  Now see my friend had more money than I, and he created his income off -line, so he didn’t think I understood his struggle.  So he would constantly ignore me when I would tell him that there is no secret room. Finally after I had my first 5 figure year.. which at that time was quite a bit.. especially part time, my friend came to me to complain again about how the “gurus” will not show him where the secret door was located.  I simply told him, “Look, if you don’t want take what I say as important, then I no longer have time to listen to you complain”.  See as you begin to use the key for success, you find that time is different.. and you cherish it more.  Well, he decided to listen.  I finally told him, there is not a secret room that you need to enter, you have already entered the room.  You entered the room when you made a decision to build something for yourself. All that is left for you to do is turn the key.  I explained that he needed to leverage the internet so that he could enjoy the experiences that come from turning the key.

leverage the internet

One Day I Leveraged The Internet


How does one leverage the internet in order to build and business and enjoy your life. Well, there is really only one way that is currently allowing individuals with absolutely no experience to find success. Wait, you have experience, well this is awesome, yet many people that you are going to help will not have the same experience as you. You want to make sure what you do can be duplicated. I actually searched for years for what is available today.  Honestly many of us have searched and struggled and had problems duplicating our results. The best part about it, is that people actually enjoy having the opportunity to leverage the internet, I mean versus calling all your friends and family. In order to begin to leverage the internet in order to build your business while enjoying your life, follow the arrow and click the red button!


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