January 2013

2013 Internet Marketing

The State of Small Business in 2013

What will small business look like in 2013?

The find out, Aweber surveyed over 3,000 small business owners from around the globe.

These statistics are cautiously optimistic.

47% Feel the economy had a positive change in 2012, compared to 2011.

58% Anticipated more revenue from the 2012 holiday season.

67% plan to increase their marketing spending in 2013.

Embracing Social Media

What percentage of small businesses plan to increase their social presence in 2013?

70% on Facebook
50% on Google Plus
58% on Twitter
49% on LinkedIn
72% on Blogs (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc)

Wearing Many Hats

To get everything done with limited staff…

93% have 5 or fewer employees
For 88%, the owner serves as the primary marketer

Relying on Email

For big returns on small investments…

70% spend less than 3 hours per week on email marketing


77% reported that email marketing increases their revenue

Making Money Online in 2013

So how can YOU capitalize on these amazing trends for 2013?

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