March 2013

House Party Marketing For Beginners

house party marketingSo now you have a new business.. and you know you have to [click to continue…]


Customer Product Reviews Bring Realness To On-Line Shopping!

So recently I have been purchasing some larger prices items.

I found myself wanting to find out what others [click to continue…]


Favorite Oscar 2013 Pick

Wow.. every year there are so many that look forward to the Oscars.  I remember as a child watching the beautifully dressed Actresses and Actors walking the red carpet waiting the final moments to see if they have won one of the most prestigious awards available in the Acting community. The Oscar 2013 wasn’t any different.

Movie Buffs loved Oscar 2013 Results

Why.. because there were so many new comers to the stage at Oscar 2013.  See I’m a total movie buff.. I try to see every movie that comes out.. Ok. Ok.. maybe not every movie.. yet  most of them.. Personally I’m a Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery type.. smile.  Yet what ever movies you [click to continue…]