December 2013

The Truth About Mobile Marketing

It’s amazing how times have changed.

Who would have thought that a corporation could literally grow their business all from the comfort of their mobile device. Mobile marketing would have seemed impossible just 3 years ago.

Yet today mobile marketing is a very real thing.

Rather you accept it or not, the fact is that as we move forward the mobile device is becoming a real part of commerce.

I decided to do a little research about rather REAL money is being made through mobile marketing or not. What I found out will blow you away. (source)

Mobile Marketing Reality From Ownership Changes

As you will notice below the growth in smartphone owners since 2011. Check out the average age for owning the first cell [click to continue…]


How To Make Money With Your Passion!

make money with your passion

First Step To Make Money With Your Passion

Many of you may find this step really obvious, yet you will be surprised how many [click to continue…]


Cherie King Took Blogging

To A New Level

Cherie King

Cherie King and I met about 3 years ago, both of us struggling to figure out how to use the internet in order to gain leads for our MLM business. I personally let the MLM game go. After 17 years.. I simply through in the towel and moved into total internet marketing training. Yet Cherie King did not [click to continue…]


How To Blog Successfully

These 5 Steps Brought Me Success

blog successfully

We often hear about how you can “blog your way to the bank”, or “blog your business to success”, or “brand your business with a blog”, or “get paid blogging”!

Yet we rarely hear anyone mention how to actually blog successfully.  It’s like a hidden secret.

Ever wondered why? [click to continue…]


4 Chicks And A Blog Are Taking Over On-Line Marketing

4 Chicks And A Blog Are Ready! These 4 Chicks are serious about internet marketing, yet they are even more serious about using blogging in order to grow their business! These 4 Chicks come from different areas.. and have different backgrounds, yet together these ladies make up 4 Chicks And A Blog. Why 4 Chicks […]

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