January 2014

How To Discover Which Dream or Vision Will Set You Free

See we all have dreams, and should honestly have a vision.

I mean you know that saying…

vision will set you free

Yet how do you determine which dream or vision will lead you to that life of freedom.

What kind of [click to continue…]


Wow glad I wasn’t stuck on the road in Georgia snow .. is really all I can say…

Seems like last night was a long night for a few people…As Georgia felt the raft of Winter Storm Leon.

See on Monday the news [click to continue…]


Create Content Vs. Brain Freeze

What exactly is brain freeze and what does that have to do with how one can create content.

Well brain freeze is just a saying that pretty much means that you are stuck.. it means that you [click to continue…]


Many Are Having Success In Wake Up Now!

single moms are having success in wake up now

Many are having success in Wake Up Now by using these solutions. Wake Up Now was founded in 2009 and provides software solutions for a better life.

They currently offer 3 different products.

The WakeUpNow Marketplace is a portal that gives you access to hundreds of popular online merchants like Walmart.com and Buy.com.  I spend more time in Walmart then I should, and so do [click to continue…]


How Setting Goals Will Change The Outcome Of 2014

Setting Goals for 2014! It’s a new year.. well 6 days in and it’s time to make sure you’re setting goals and following them during

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