March 2014

It’s amazing how most of the time when one thinks of the freedom formula and the 3% the idea of money comes up.  Yet the reality is that [click to continue…]


Do you know why you want to know how to get traffic to your website?

As you read that question, you believe it has an obvious answer, you continue to breathe in and out.. and you find yourself wondering..

Why would she [click to continue…]


Ideas That Help You Enter The 3%

They saying knowing is half the battle.. yet let’s really consider this “saying”

You know many things..

Yet is what [click to continue…]


Can You Enter The 3%

Ever wondered about the saying 3%? I actually did.

I realized that I wanted to understand what [click to continue…]


Discover How To Start A Business Today!

Ready To Start A Business?   To Start A Business You Must Know…. When it is time to

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Warning: The True Race To Financial Freedom

There is a process in order to reach Financial Freedom… Unless you were born with financial freedom.. which all of us were.. yet that is an entirely different conversation.. Lets talk about not having financial freedom.. make sure you know what it feels like.. If you don’t

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