The 5 Steps To Follow To Blog Successfully

by Shalonda Gordon in Blogging

How To Blog Successfully

These 5 Steps Brought Me Success

blog successfully

We often hear about how you can “blog your way to the bank”, or “blog your business to success”, or “brand your business with a blog”, or “get paid blogging”!

Yet we rarely hear anyone mention how to actually blog successfully.  It’s like a hidden secret.

Ever wondered why?

Well, because though millions are blogging, very few are know how to blog successfully.

When You Blog Successfully Everything Comes Together

Over the years I discovered 5 specific steps that took my blogging from “not meeting my expectations” to “a life that I love”.

Now though you have heard of these steps before, well at least if you actually desire to blog successfully, you have to commit to doing them consistently.

Many times we get started and then we fall off, we let life take over and run us in a different direction.  So before going any further, make a decision to commit and remain committed.

Let’s get started on the 5 Steps To Follow To Blog Successfully

First Step: Your Content – What are you blogging about? Who are you talking too? Are you actually giving value in your blog post?

Now I’ve started this step with questions.  Take time to answer each of them.  Make sure that you know exactly who you are targeting with your content.  Make sure that you are bringing value through your content.  See one of the main reasons why a person will come to your blog, stay on your blog and return to your blog is because of the value you give them.  I tend to follow the 80/20 rule.  Give 80% value in your content and if needed 20% asking for the sale.

Wait… Shalonda, are you telling me to give out 80% of my knowledge in my content? Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. (Hint: When you leave a comment on this post with your blog as the website, I will look at your content and learn from your content)

Second Step: Keyword Research – Once you know what you are going to blog about, you now must research to find the best keyword, or keyword phrase that is currently being searched.  If you desire to make a living blogging, you want to get the most traffic to your site as possible.  If you desire to have search engines send traffic to your blog, you want to make sure people are actually searching for what you are talking about.

Keyword research is a funny thing.. Why do I say this.. well many people do it different ways.  Some purchase products that do all the work for them and some don’t do it at all.  I know there are a few successful bloggers that do not do keyword research at all, yet they have a great eye for what people are looking for from experience.  With that being said, if you are new to blogging, keyword research should be a priority in order to blog successfully.

blog successfully

Third Step: Syndication – It’s now time to share your blog post.  Why? So that you can get more views quickly.  See it takes a little time for the search engines to find your content and start to show it. In the mean time you can share your blog with your network.  Share the post on all your social networks.  There is a little more to syndication and many tools.

When it comes to syndication you can either pay to have it done for you or automate the process or you can take the time to do it yourself, either way.. make sure you do it.

Fourth Step: 90 Day Challenge – Yes, I know you have read over and over again about this challenge and that challenge.  Well, if you desire to have a relevant bog, then you should blog every day for 90 days.. minimum.  Now the reason I’ve found is that when you blog for 90 days, it shows the search engines that you are an expert on your topic, especially if you syndicate it well.

I would even recommend you watch your traffic grow over the 90 days.  You will see return guest, because they know you are consistent and focuses. Now when you start this challenge I will give you my main secret.  You don’t have to create your content daily, you simply must post daily. So there are days when I write 2 or 3 blogs, but I will just post one per day.

Fifth Step: Call To Action – The one thing I find that many forget is the call to action.  If you are offering a product or service that will guide a person with the content you have given, make sure to offer a Call To Action.  See most people looking at your content are looking to learn, and if you have the tool that will make it easier you should feel obligated to tell your readers.  Keep in mind you are the expert so tell your audience what to do .

One of the main reasons that people are not making  an income from their blog is because they fail to ask for the sale. Your call to action may be something as simple as leaving a comment and sharing the blog post.

Here is a video that explains the content above:

Regardless of what you decide, make sure you remain consistent with your decision.  Leave a comment and share this post so that others can see what is working.  (Hint: When you comment below place your blog as the website and I will visit your site and see how you blog successfully.)

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon


In order to blog successfully you simply need to decide to remain consistent.

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kevin Mesa

Wow great info, Im actually new to blogging and I am also a member of Wake Up Now. I will def use these tips and also try the 90 day challenge to see if it works, thanks for sharing and wish you much success in Wake Up Now 🙂
kevin Mesa recently posted..Wake Up Now Hub Huge Savings DiscountsMy Profile

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome L’Oreal.. I’m heading to your blog right now.. I look forward to watching you grow as a blogger.. I’m sure you AMAZING!! keep smiling

L'Oreal Wright

Hello Shalonda! Great article by the way. I started blogging about a month ago and like it so far but, still struggle from time to time with writer’ block. I feel sometimes I just get stuck and don’t know what to write about next. That 90 day challenge doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You can visit my blog and give me some pointers or tips. I would really appreciate it. I need all the help I can get.
L’Oreal Wright recently posted..Why You Should Start Your Blog With 2AM TrafficMy Profile

Gregory Osborne

Shalonda, Thanks for your motivation and excellent blogging techniques and strategies>>> Greatly appreciated and welcomed.
Gregory Osborne recently posted..Jerky Direct Equals Real Money in Your PocketMy Profile

Shalonda Gordon

Thanks Gregory, that means a lot. I appreciate you stopping by.. and pleas do not be a stranger.. make it great and keep smiling

Gregory Osborne

Your presentation is highly informative and highly beneficial, I’ve been following your posts for a while now and have always found something useful and motivating in every single one>>> Thanks for your highly beneficial content and insights…

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome.. stay tuned I will have a post on keyword research coming very soon.. thanks for stopping by.. keep smiling

Harshal Morwale

Awesome article. I really need to blog for 90 days from now 🙂 Thank you for such a great article. I Loved it! May be you can help us with a blog post on Keyword research.
And Please checkout My blog!

Shalonda Gordon

Thanks for stopping through Reginald.. and you are so right about not over doing it.. yet when one focuses on great content.. that should not be a problem. Don’t be a stranger and keep smiling



Thanks for sharing this (found this blog one of the sites I been reading).

CTA, that’s important and many actually don’t see the power of it. If you have the proper plan, you could easily boost your traffic over night (plus, increase subscribers etc).

Also, don’t forget NOT to overdo it. Don’t give false information or hope. That’s vital 🙂

Thanks and have a great week ahead!
Reginald recently posted..3 Must Have (Free and Premium) Content Delivery Network Providers For BloggersMy Profile

Shalonda Gordon

LOL Felicia.. you are hilarious.. and I’m getting ready to post a blog on how I syndicate.. in order to share a few of those secrets as well.. so stay tuned.. keep smiling

Felicia Starks

I must say that you absolutely know what you’re talking about because every time I follow your suggestions, I have great results. I remember a great webinar you had at the end of the summer covering these tips and I implemented what you shared and ranked every blog post that I used your tips on on page 1 of Google!

Great tips….that syndication is what many skip over, but when I applied what you taught….made the difference….it’s like trying to make a cake that you saw on TV and skipping one of the ingredients but still expecting a great cake…..Um NOT!

Thanks for great tips!

Shalonda Gordon

Thanks Cecil for stopping by.. and you will find that once you consistently touch your blog every day for 90 days that your pagerank will improve, especially if you are posting value. Keep Smiling.

Cecil Wampler

Thanks for the great tips. I think the 90 day challenge is a good idea. After 7 months, my website is still has a pagerank 0, which is likely due to me not posting often enough.


Shalonda Gordon

Greetings Vinay, Over the years there have been times when I researched my keywords with tools, and other times when I’ve simply done it by writing about something I know people are searching. I will do another post that goes deeper into keyword research and how one can do it manually or use a tool. So stay tuned.. thanks so much for stopping by… keep smiling

Vinay Jaiswal

New to blogging field. Learning things one by one. Thanks Shalonda for sharing your experience, guys like me find it useful. One thing I want to say about Keyword research. Do we need to use a keyword search tool? Well I don’t use any tool but just think of the keywords that a uses may enter in search engines and use that keywords in my blog posts. How do you do it?

Shalonda Gordon

ROFL.. Shawn.. Kool without the Aid!! LOL.. yet honestly you are correct especially if the idea is to close the deal through blogging.. thanks for stopping through and keep smiling

Shalonda Gordon

Lori, you are not alone.. I too have done the same.. thanks so much for stopping through.. we are both on the path to consistency now.. keep smiling

Shawn Johnson

These are 5 top notch blogging steps for success Shalonda.

I see a lot of people blog and leave out step 5 which is crucial.

A blog post with out a call to action is like kool with out the

Anywho this is a great blog post!

Lori Robertson

Shalonda, I have started, stopped and started again blogging and not being consistent may have caused me money, but I think following these simple 5 steps will help me out big time.
Thanks for the tips!

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome Sunshine, thanks so much for stopping by.. keep smiling


Awesome advice! Following these steps makes a world of difference. Thanks for sharing.

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