The True Story

The Network Marketer

Greetings, My Name is Shalonda Gordon and I am an Internet Network Marketer.

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.. yet I left at the age of 3 and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. Now at the age of five my family moved to Frankfurt, Germany. See, My father was an Army man.. smile. My mother ended up becoming a teacher in Germany, so I lived in Frankfurt from the age of 5 until I was 18. Today.. I’m a single mother of 2 amazing daughters.. and I reside right outside of Atlanta, GA.

network marketer

Now my background is actually in Physical Chemistry.. yet I decided at about the age of 21 that I really didn’t want to spend my life in a lab..

which is where it was headed..

I wanted to get the opportunity to meet people, and help people.

So I invested into my first business and became a Network Marketer at that exact moment.

And now after 17  years as a Network Marketer I have lots of stories about this amazing industry called Network Marketing.. smile.

Most of all..

I love it just as much today as I did when I was 21.

This industry has given me the opportunity to raise my daughters and enjoy them at the same time. I always say that this industry allowed me to create my own Child Support System.. smile.

Enough about me,the Network Marketer, let’s discuss why you’re probably here!

You’re looking to find that TRUE direction to Success in this industry..

because the information you have simply isn’t working quite the way you expected..

Yeah.. I know EXACTLY how that feels..

See, I have watched the Network Marketing industry very closely over the past 15 years..

I had to figure out this puzzle called Success.. smile.

One thing I noticed was that many were using the same techniques to market TODAY.. that were being used over 15 years ago. (You know.. before the internet was what it is today.. )

I realized the old ways work.. if taught correctly..

yet it seems like everyone is playing a game of telephone when teaching on how to find success in network marketing.. rather the old way or the “”New” way.. smile.

Which basically makes it very difficult to duplicate the leaders, and then there is the issue of support..

I must tell you over the years I have learned that support is crucial in this industry. There is no ‘I” in team.

Well.. I decided to dig deeper into the internet in January of 2009,

You know.. past my primary opportunities virtual office.. smile.

The internet has become my “AH-HA” moment.

The answer to my three major issues in succeeding in Network Marketing.

  1. More money to market
  2. More leads to contact
  3. True leadership.

Well All I can really say is that God is good..

because I met a fellow Network Marketer, Tracey Walker and at that moment..

my search for a coach.. ENDED.. smile.

network marketer

Tracey helped me to realize what was really going on in my business..

yet that was just one out of 3 issues solved..

I still needed more money to market and more leads.. now that I had the support success requires.

Through my research I came across Attraction Marketing and sales funnels and realized that most of the ‘IN CROWD” of on-line marketers were making money rather a person joined their primary business or NOT!!

This is the exact information I needed.. and now my goal is to help as many network marketers as I can to succeed by teaching the use of more relevant, up-to-date strategies that are more in-line with today’s day and age of the internet and technology.

If you are reading this.. you’re probably tired of walking around in circles trying the same things expecting different results.. and I’m ready to share this with you…

* No more cold calls or bugging your friends and family allowed!
* Put yourself in a position to quit your job in the next 3-6 months…
* Learn how to generate 50-100 leads A DAY…
* Discover the secret to having a minimum 5 figure income per month consistently…

And do it from home, with a system that works in every aspect.

If  you want to see some results in the next 30-60 days.. REAL RESULTS… Then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!!!

I used the skills that I will show you to earn 5 figures on-line, and even get on stage at my business event.

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I used the skills that I will show you to get on stage at my company event to motivate 1500+ people.

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I can show you, as a Network Marketer, what WORKS.. but YOU have to work it!!

Keep Smiling,
Shalonda Gordon

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I look forward to connecting with you.. Network Marketer to Network Marketer!