Create Content Vs. Brain Freeze

What exactly is brain freeze and what does that have to do with how one can create content.

Well brain freeze is just a saying that pretty much means that you are stuck.. it means that you [click to continue…]


How To Make Money With Your Passion!

make money with your passion

First Step To Make Money With Your Passion

Many of you may find this step really obvious, yet you will be surprised how many [click to continue…]


How To Blog Successfully

These 5 Steps Brought Me Success

blog successfully

We often hear about how you can “blog your way to the bank”, or “blog your business to success”, or “brand your business with a blog”, or “get paid blogging”!

Yet we rarely hear anyone mention how to actually blog successfully.  It’s like a hidden secret.

Ever wondered why? [click to continue…]


4 Chicks And A Blog Are Ready!

These 4 Chicks are serious about internet marketing, yet they are even more serious about using blogging in order to grow their business! These 4 Chicks come from different areas.. and have different backgrounds, yet together these ladies make up 4 Chicks And A Blog. Why 4 Chicks And A Blog? There appeared to be a disconnect in the industry about what blogging is really about, and how individuals, groups, non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations can use it in order to grow their brand and businesses on the internet.

Meet 4 Chicks And A Blog



We start with Ann-Frances Lambert, That Positivity Chick, is characterized as [click to continue…]


I’m Blogging… Now How Do I Get Paid?

You’re Blogging For Money! So How Do You Get Paid? I get this question so many times that I had to write about it.. My desire is that after reading this post you will have a starting point as to what to do NOW! Many of us started blogging because we were told that it […]

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How To Create A HTML Blog Signature

Create Your HTML Blog Signature Have you noticed those fancy signatures at the end of people’s blog post? Have you wondered how they made it look like they actually signed the computer screen? Well I have done a training to show you exactly how to create a html blog signature that you can enjoy and […]

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