Favorite Oscar 2013 Pick

Wow.. every year there are so many that look forward to the Oscars.  I remember as a child watching the beautifully dressed Actresses and Actors walking the red carpet waiting the final moments to see if they have won one of the most prestigious awards available in the Acting community. The Oscar 2013 wasn’t any different.

Movie Buffs loved Oscar 2013 Results

Why.. because there were so many new comers to the stage at Oscar 2013.  See I’m a total movie buff.. I try to see every movie that comes out.. Ok. Ok.. maybe not every movie.. yet  most of them.. Personally I’m a Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery type.. smile.  Yet what ever movies you [click to continue…]


I realized that many look at “trust” prior to looking at the “how to”


I had to write a blog post about it.. check it out here!

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Discover How To Find Peace!

by Shalonda Gordon in Motivation

Discover How To Find Peace!

I have had many times in my life where I needed to find my peace.. it seemed like it was ripped right out of my soul.  Have you ever felt that way? Felt like you would never have peace again.  Or better yet felt like you didn’t know where your peace went and felt clueless as to how to capture it back.  Well, I recently did some research on the subject and found that we actually have the ability to make a decision to take our peace back.

I Researched The Bible In Order To Find Peace!

Romans 15:13 Now may God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (NAS).

This scripture really hit home.  It really shows the balance of things.. Have you ever considered that your peace left the minute you stopped believing in who you were created to be.  What happened that caused you to stop believing. Have you ever noticed that your belief system is directly connected with your peace.  Notice the joy and peace in believing come from God.. a God of hope. Watch this video about what I personally experienced…

Once You Find Peace, Make Sure To Never Let It Go.. Hold On To It By Any Means Necessary!

At this point there is a decision to make.  We have to decide we are going to continue attempting to find peace or if we are going to hold on to the peace we have found.  Most of the time when we find peace, we realize that we never really lost it.. we find that we had simply laid it down due to attempting to understand everything and resolve everything on our own..Thank God.. we do not have to continue down that path and that we can find peace the minute we make a decision.

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How To Survive As A Single Mom!

There are many times when I get the statement.. “I don’t know how you do it!” Notice it’s a statement.. it’s not a question.. it’s not a request.. it requires no response.  It simply is the other person expressing what they do not know.  I remember when I would respond with.. “What do you mean.. it’s all I know!” See I’ve been a Single Mom since day one! Then one day I sat and really thought about the statement and the negative flare behind it.. “I don’t know HOW YOU do it!”.. I mean who says that???? Really…. which leads me to how we survive as Single Moms.. sometimes we have to simply shut people down.. When a person makes this statement to me now.. I look at them and say.. Why you telling me about things YOU DON’T know?? I place that negative flare back at them.  Most of the people that say it do not actually hear what they said until I respond.. then they start fumbling over their words.. like they didn’t mean that.. they just meant.. you know what I’m talking about. I simply laugh and change the subject.  See I don’t speak about being a Single Mom with anyone who can not edify the situation.  What do I mean by edify.  If I’m talking to a non-Single Mom about being a Single Mom it must have positive undertones, for I do not entertain negative ones.. we get enough of that in this world.

Is It Hard To Survive As A Single Mom?

single momFor me personally, I believe being a parent in general has it’s ups and downs.. I mean if a married mom of 2 has a child in a car accident and she is waiting at the hospital bed side waiting for her baby to wake up.. this is a hard situation to survive. It all depends on how you look at life.  It all depends on how you view survival.

It is hard to survive as a single mom if you decide to make it hard.  If you make a decision that you are a survivor.. well guess what.. YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. And this is for the any experience in life.

I consider being a Single Mom a blessing. I’ve been a parent for 11 years and there is a joy that comes from raising my daughters.  Are there hard times?? Yes.. yet let’s be honest.. I had hard times way before I became a Mom.. and I’m sure many reading this post know what I’m speaking about.

We Survive As A Single Mom By Making a Decision That We Will Survive

Rather things are hard or not.. we must decide that we are strong enough to live the life that has been dealt us.  We must except that we are blessings.  We must except that we were chosen for this journey.  Once a decision is made.. I recommend you enjoy every second of it. As I look at my girls.. I realize that if I blink! I will miss something.. because they grow and change every day. I’ll take survival as a single mom over survival of other things any day.

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Let Go Of The Rope!

Let Go Of the Rope! How many times have you heard this phrase..if ever? Well I have heard it many times, and honestly I have let go of the rope many many times.  Sometimes I wonder how I’m actually visible with all the times I’ve let go of the rope.  See it is really easy […]

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Wait.. So There Are Different Levels Of Faith?

The Different Levels of Faith! So I recently have realized that there are different levels of faith.. yeah you may be thinking… DUH!! Yet I really never put much thought to it.. I figured I have faith and it is getting me through this situation or that situation.. yet today I had a mind blowing […]

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