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Cherie King and I met about 3 years ago, both of us struggling to figure out how to use the internet in order to gain leads for our MLM business. I personally let the MLM game go. After 17 years.. I simply through in the towel and moved into total internet marketing training. Yet Cherie King did not [click to continue…]


How I Discovered The MLM Sponsoring Secrets May Shock You!

mlm sponsoring

I remember joining my first MLM back in 1996.

The people who reeled me in, told me all the [click to continue…]


House Party Marketing For Beginners

house party marketingSo now you have a new business.. and you know you have to [click to continue…]


As an internet marketer who needed facebook marketing for beginners, I receive many emails through my Facebook account. Today I received three emails that brought me to a point where I had to write this article. I had to think back to when I first began on Facebook a few years ago and really sit and think about when my Facebook marketing really began to explode. First let me start by saying that it didn’t explode because I had over 3000 friends. Second, it did not explode because I posted a lot of quotes on my page. Now understand I totally tried these methods, yet they did not result in money in my pocket, or a response from the individuals with whom I was attempting to connect.

I needed Facebook Marketing For Beginners!

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How To Create A 6-Figure Income In 8 Months!

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Do Not Let Amateurs Fool You

As a Network Marketer with 14 years of experience, I have been fooled by many amateur network marketers out here acting like Professional network marketers. Now, I would love to sit here and tell you that I saw every single amateur up front and did not join them in business and end up losing my […]

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