On-Line Marketing

Do you know why you want to know how to get traffic to your website?

As you read that question, you believe it has an obvious answer, you continue to breathe in and out.. and you find yourself wondering..

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Can You Enter The 3%

Ever wondered about the saying 3%? I actually did.

I realized that I wanted to understand what [click to continue…]


What Are Backlinks?… hmmmm

I remember hearing ‘backlinks’ all the time.. and thinking “What are backlinks”? How do they really help me in this internet marketing game? So of course I did what many do.. I Googled it.. lol.. Seriously.. I did.. then I started studying and found the answer and now I’m sharing it with [click to continue…]


The Facebook Gift

facebook gift



[Video]How To Get Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Are you ready to get comfortable in front of the camera… Recently a fellow

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Some Facts That Explain Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing

The Truth About Mobile Marketing It’s amazing how times have changed. Who would have thought that a corporation could literally grow their business all from the comfort of their mobile device. Mobile marketing would have seemed impossible just 3 years ago. Yet today mobile marketing is a very real thing. Rather you accept it or […]

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