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How To Survive As A Single Mom!

There are many times when I get the statement.. “I don’t know how you do it!” Notice it’s a statement.. it’s not a question.. it’s not a request.. it requires no response.  It simply is the other person expressing what they do not know.  I remember when I would respond with.. “What do you mean.. it’s all I know!” See I’ve been a Single Mom since day one! Then one day I sat and really thought about the statement and the negative flare behind it.. “I don’t know HOW YOU do it!”.. I mean who says that???? Really…. which leads me to how we survive as Single Moms.. sometimes we have to simply shut people down.. When a person makes this statement to me now.. I look at them and say.. Why you telling me about things YOU DON’T know?? I place that negative flare back at them.  Most of the people that say it do not actually hear what they said until I respond.. then they start fumbling over their words.. like they didn’t mean that.. they just meant.. you know what I’m talking about. I simply laugh and change the subject.  See I don’t speak about being a Single Mom with anyone who can not edify the situation.  What do I mean by edify.  If I’m talking to a non-Single Mom about being a Single Mom it must have positive undertones, for I do not entertain negative ones.. we get enough of that in this world.

Is It Hard To Survive As A Single Mom?

single momFor me personally, I believe being a parent in general has it’s ups and downs.. I mean if a married mom of 2 has a child in a car accident and she is waiting at the hospital bed side waiting for her baby to wake up.. this is a hard situation to survive. It all depends on how you look at life.  It all depends on how you view survival.

It is hard to survive as a single mom if you decide to make it hard.  If you make a decision that you are a survivor.. well guess what.. YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. And this is for the any experience in life.

I consider being a Single Mom a blessing. I’ve been a parent for 11 years and there is a joy that comes from raising my daughters.  Are there hard times?? Yes.. yet let’s be honest.. I had hard times way before I became a Mom.. and I’m sure many reading this post know what I’m speaking about.

We Survive As A Single Mom By Making a Decision That We Will Survive

Rather things are hard or not.. we must decide that we are strong enough to live the life that has been dealt us.  We must except that we are blessings.  We must except that we were chosen for this journey.  Once a decision is made.. I recommend you enjoy every second of it. As I look at my girls.. I realize that if I blink! I will miss something.. because they grow and change every day. I’ll take survival as a single mom over survival of other things any day.

Keep Smiling,



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It’s Time For A Single Mom Google Hangout!

The more I think about it.. I realize that more and more single moms want to make an extra income without having to physically leave the house.  I mean when we get second, third, and fourth jobs.. is causes us to have to pay more in child care expenses and gas.. which usually wipe out any profit we may receive.  Many of us our there are not getting the child support due us each month and really need something we can invest our time into that will benefit our family and our life style. Why not have a Single Mom Google Hangout?

Why have a Single Mom Google Hangout?

Well, as a single mom myself, I know that I need to make sure that what I invest my time and money into have to be real. As a single mom that is generating enough income on-line to support myself and my two daughters, I know what is working.  Now let me clarify.  I am not a millionaire.. YET.. yet I definitely make way more than a job, and I’m able to take care of my family from home with my own hours.  The more work I put in the less I have to work in the future.  I’m putting in work now.. and I’m ACTUALLY have things set up to work while I sleep.  Now let me ask you.. does your job pay you while you are sleeping at home? We need a Single Mom Google Hangout.  Now another thing is that most of you reading this.. are thinking.. “I don’t know this CHICK!!!” And you are absolutely right!! So why not come to my Single Mom Google Hangout and ask me computer to computer.. LOL.. (with a webcam) the exact questions that you have.  Then decide for yourself if you want to lock arms with me and start creating your own child support system as I have.

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Always Climbing Mountains?

Or does it just seem like it??

climbing mountains

As I was reflecting over my life, and what I am looking forward to in the future the Lord gave me an amazing revelation to share.

As a single lady, I’m often in the mist of married ladies, some in blissfully happy marriages and some in turmoil.

Now, during one of these moments I caught myself listening to a wife that was growing with her husband and things were slightly difficult, yet her strength touched my heart.

As I related her experience to climbing mountains..

Of course I was thinking, “I’m not sure how she does it, which may be the reason why I’m a single mother”.. hmmm.

I know some of you “single moms” out there know what I’m talking about.

My next thought was, “When I get married I’m going to be walking down that mountain with my husband.. NOT up.”

At that exact moment God began to speak to me. He reminded me of this past January when I climbed Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

He asked me, “How did it feel climbing up the mountain?” I thought about it for a HOT second, and responded it was hard, smile. Then He asked me, “How did it feel coming down the mountain?” I thought about this question for about two HOT seconds, and responded it was HARD. Smile. Wow!

Are You Still Climbing Mountains?

What a revelation. As I came down Camelback Mountain I was exercising different muscles in my legs then when climbing the mountain. Climbing mountains simply was not what I expected.

I begin to think of all the times I had testified with my tongue that I was continuously climbing a mountain. Never did I once consider that maybe I was coming down from the mountain.

Now scripture is clear on the power of our tongue. Proverbs 18:21 states: The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruits. (NIV) While 1 Peter 3:10 states: For, “Whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech. (NIV)

All the times I thought I was still climbing a mountain I could have been two steps from coming off it.. yet because I felt pain, I decided that I must still be climbing, my testimony kept me on the mountain instead of bringing me off it.

Sometimes we are going through hard times and the mountain seems never ending.

Climbing Mountains Is Not The Only Way To Feel Pain!

Well, if you haven’t physically climbed a mountain before, I recommend you take a day a climb one.

Going up a mountain or coming down a mountain, are both equally difficult.

If you are in the mist of a trial and it appears as though you will never see the end of the mountain. I challenge you to allow your tongue to speak the truth that you are simply steps away from getting off that mountain.

I remember when I came close to the bottom of Camelback Mountain, I ran to get off, I pressed through.

Versus going up the mountain when I stopped and had some water, ate a granola bar, and relaxed before taking the next steps.

Is it possible you are at the end of your trial, yet your muscles hurt from coming down?

Is it possible that you are two steps from Victory?

Absolutely! So simply Get up and press and get off that mountain, and realize you are not always climbing mountains.

Keep Smiling,
Shalonda Gordon

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Climbing Mountains changed my life.