Discover How Cherie King Blogged Her Way To The Top In A MLM Business

by Shalonda Gordon in Network Marketing

Cherie King Took Blogging

To A New Level

Cherie King

Cherie King and I met about 3 years ago, both of us struggling to figure out how to use the internet in order to gain leads for our MLM business. I personally let the MLM game go. After 17 years.. I simply through in the towel and moved into total internet marketing training. Yet Cherie King did not waiver. She stayed the path and found great success. Honestly she did it all with a little thing called a blog.



Cherie noticed that a few things had to line up in order for every thing to come together.

1. The Business– She had to have a passion for it

2. The Marketing Technique – She had to enjoy doing it

3. The pay out – It had to bring in a profit

Cherie King Switched The Tables

Cherie King brought it all together and now is standing out as a marketer in our industry. Make sure to watch this interview from beginning to end in order to really pick up all the nuggets that she drops about how you can literally take your blog and dominate your network marketing business.

This Interview With Cherie King Exposed More Then I Expected!

Here is an example of what Cherie King has accomplished!

 photo cherie_success_zps8ac1d50b.png

Now that you know the possibilities, it’s time to take action. If you like what you are hearing and are ready to find out more about working with me, Click Here!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon


Cherie King is just one example of what blogging can do for your MLM business and cause you to keep smiling

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Shalonda Gordon

Thanks for stopping by Felicia.. and yes Cheri deserves every bit of her success, and the best is still yet to come for the simple fact that she is not stopping.. Consistency is definitely key and I agree with you.. that passion keeps us going.. keep smiling

Shalonda Gordon

Absolutely Lori, It’s great to see the success of all of us who made it through the years of trial and error.. instead of that saying it’s only the strong who survive.. in this game its only the consistent survive.. keep smiling


This goes to show that consistency pays off and how powerful blogging really is…..of course the passion is a important piece that some forget also. Good job, Cheri!

This is another good one and as usual, you bring it all together perfectly!

Lori Robertson


Loved the interview with Cherie King, it just goes to show you what happens when you stick in the game and never quit, offer value and get your blog set up and there is a possibility that you can have the same type of success as Cherie.

Shalonda Gordon

Thanks Shawn.. yeah, when I met Cherie back in the day she was strong with content marketing.. and it’s amazing when everything connects.. Now if I could schedule a time to interview YOU!! LOL. Thanks for stopping by. keep smiling

Shawn Johnson

Great Interview Shalonda…

When I first got started using Facebook is where I ran in to Cheri and like she said she was doing content marketing EVEN at that time.

So her CONSISTENCY is definite paying off. She also offered a great tip concerning offering value. I believe this is the missing link in some peoples business.

Thanks for the value shared here 🙂

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