How To Create Content When You Have Brain Freeze

by Shalonda Gordon in Blogging

Create Content Vs. Brain Freeze

What exactly is brain freeze and what does that have to do with how one can create content.

Well brain freeze is just a saying that pretty much means that you are stuck.. it means that you simply can’t think of anything to write about, talk about, basically you can’t create content.

As a blogger, or marketer.. that is not really a great place to be… as content is KING when it comes to marketing.

So when you can’t create content that is fresh and new, it can make marketing difficult.

create content

It’s Time To Create Content

…. yet you are stuck! You can’t seem to come up with anything to discuss.

This usually happens when you are

  • frustration
  • stress
  • tired
  • overworked
  • overextended
  • lack understanding of content topic

Now we all know that there are times that no matter what state we are in, we simply must get the job complete.  Which means we can not allow the fact that at work today one may of had to deal with that annoying co-worker that is trying to get you fired.

Or better yet being tired after working a double shift at the restaurant because the head server wanted off, and you knew the money would be well worth the it.

Let’s not forget the content subject is brand new, and you have no idea what to write about.. not because you can’t write.. yet because you have no idea what this subject is, where it comes from, how it helps people.. anything.

My favorite one… as a single mom.. is usually the one I deal with most.. After I’ve done everything.. cooked, cleaned, made money, entertained the kids.. now I’m supposed to spit out some FIYAH content.. REALLY!!!

How To Break the Freeze and Create Content!

There are a few very specific ways to break the barriers that hold one back from the ability to create content.

There are 5 Things That One Can Do In Order to break through the barrier.

1. Exercise is a great way to break free from that freeze that caused blocks.

[Exercise] forces the body’s physiological systems — all of which are involved in the stress response — to communicate much more closely than usual: The cardiovascular system communicates with the renal system, which communicates with the muscular system. And all of these are controlled by the central and sympathetic nervous systems, which also must communicate with each other. This workout of the body’s communication system may be the true value of exercise; the more sedentary we get, the less efficient our bodies in responding to stress. (source)

So if you are dealing with a ‘freeze’, ask yourself.. when was the last time I exercised.. the more you do, based on research, you may have less ‘freeze’ moments all together.

2. Get Peace through prayer or mediation.

When you meditate/pray, you clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress. The emotional benefits of meditation include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Building skills to manage your stress

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present

  • Reducing negative emotions (source)

See when it comes to the ability to create content the right state of mind is crucial.  The reality is that life is going to happen rather we like it or not.  Sometimes life is kind others it is not.. and causes a blockage from the ability to create.  A prayer session or a meditation session can break that barrier and allow the juices to flow once more.

3. Play with the kids.  (If you do not have kids, then pets, or hangout with friends that place you in a place of gratitude.

Ok.. #sidenote remember I’m a single mom.. so the kids always come into play when I want to create content, as they are my why.. yet you can read more about that here, this is about breaking the barriers that hold you back from the ability to create content.

See when you take a break and totally shift your mind to different state, it allows you to break that blockage.  See what is really happening is that you are shifting your emotions.  Think about it this way.. the more you try to figure out how to create content.. the more up tight you become.. it’s kind of like walking into a wall over and over and over expecting it to move.  So you simply shift your mindset and your emotions all together and after you are finish playing.. and full of gratitude that you had the opportunity to play with your kids you can sit back down to create.

4. Do a Brain Dump!! Get your journal or better yet go to step 5 and use that.. yet simply get all the stuff that is on your mind… OFF your mind.  There are times when it is simply difficult to create content because there are way too many ideas flowing through your brain.  So you must clear it out.. and sometimes clearing out your thoughts can be a very personal thing.. which is why it may require a journal… yet if it is basic content.. then go to #5.

5. Use a Viral Blogging System to track your ability to shift emotions, or dump info, or relax.  See many people will read this post and the different steps and still not understand exactly how to accomplish it.  Better yet WHEN to take the action of clearing in order to create content.  I’m saying this because I’ve literally sat at my computer for hours trying to create content in the mist of frustration, being overworked, being over extended..

My point is that many are looking for the information you have to offer.. yet you want to keep it to yourself.. why not use a Viral Blogging System like I have here to get your amazing content, ideas, growth out to the world.  Which is why I’ve created a challenge.. which is going to break all the ‘freeze’ that is blocking you from the ability to create content.

create contentThe challenge… if you choose to accept it.. follow the steps below in order.

1. Click here and snatch up your Viral Blogging System

2. Write, Record an Audio, or Record a Video about a time when you broke free from Brain Freeze and began to create content again!

3. Post the information on your Viral Blogging System

4. Leave a Comment below this post, with the link to your information! (I’m going to stop by and  see how you broke free!

Here’s a Bonus.. and episode of  4 Chicks And A Blog where we discuss how to break free from Brain Freeze!

 I look forward to seeing your post!! Remember the world is waiting on you.. so do not procrastinate!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. Place your name and email below and learn the one technique that literally changed my life.. trust me.. it’s not what you think!(wink)

You can create content that will change the world.

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Shalonda Gordon

Thanks for stopping through Partheepan.. I will work on a post about writing viral content.. subscribe to this blog and stay tuned.. keep smiling


I am new to blogging pls suggest some ideas about how to write viral content ?
Partheepan recently posted..What is the Difference Between Android Stock Rom and Custom RomMy Profile

Shalonda Gordon

Thanks Benito.. I appreciate you coming through. And I’m glad that you were inspired, your comment inspired me.. keep smiling

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome Felicia, I must admit some of the pointers above.. I learned from others.. it is all about doing what works best for you. Thank you for stopping by.. keep smiling


Shalonda… are the bombdiggity! This is a breathe of fresh air! I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to prepare to write and experienced what you wrote about! I used to keep a digital notepad with my “ideas” on them, but I wasn’t putting enough notes so I knew where to pick up when I got ready to write so I still ended up with a blank. These sound simple enough that I can implement them immediately! I’ve never done a brain dump, but I’ll definitely be back to let you know my success and yes, no more procrastination!
Felicia recently posted..Working Out But Still Not Losing Weight??My Profile


Hi this is awesome. I like your simple step by step approach to getting out of mental block to write quality content. This was indeed informative and inspiring too.
Benito recently posted..Can You Build Your List to Earn More Money Online?My Profile

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome Melissa, these tips have helped me significantly, especially in getting content out of my keep smiling


Great tips! I really appreciate your content.

Shalonda Gordon

Anytime Taka, thanks for visiting.. keep smiling

Shalonda Gordon

Mike, thanks for stopping by.. I love the reversal idea.. just went over to check that out.. and I like.. I’m going to try that time I’m stuck.. As a single mom, I find myself with may thoughts running through my mind at a time.. concerning my family and then concerning my business.. and I will say the brain dump really helps keep my mind clear. Thanks so much for your ideas.. keep smiling

Shalonda Gordon

Ryan, thanks for stopping through.. See I need to take a page out of your book.. and pick up on my exercising.. been eating really well.. yet I know that I must exercise.. I’m going to add it back in to my routine this week.. I have picked up many ideas by commenting on others blogs.. now posting 5-6 times a day.. That is REAL!! Thanks for the ideas.. and keep smiling

Ryan Biddulph

Shalonda, great tips!

I meditate and exercise like mad to never run out of ideas.

I post 5-6 times daily on my blog. How? I use each one of your tips.

Commenting on other blogs helps you never run out of content ideas too.

Thanks for sharing!
Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How Nimble Are You?My Profile

Mike Turco

Hi Shalonda,

Those are some great suggestions! I especially like the “brain dump”.

I used to do something similar. I would keep a notepad on my desk. When someone called or otherwise interrupted me, I would write a quick note stating exactly what I was doing. This freed my mind so that I could talk to the person who called. And once that conversation was over, the not would remind me as to where exactly to pick back up.

Here’s a technique I use when I’m brain-locked:

Mike Turco recently posted..How to nail the structure of your blog postsMy Profile


Thanks for the advice. Good article.

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