How Customer Product Reviews Will Grow Your Business

by Shalonda Gordon in On-Line Marketing

Customer Product Reviews Bring Realness To On-Line Shopping!

So recently I have been purchasing some larger prices items.

I found myself wanting to find out what others thought about the product I was pondering on.

When was the last time you checked out a customer product reviews prior to purchasing?

Well, I just used them to purchase my vacuum cleaner.  Basically the customer product reviews helped me decided on the vacuum I know own.

My oldest daughter, the one who actually uses the vacuum for her chores.. smile.. says its the best vacuum she has ever used.  And let me tell you, this young lady has vacuum experience.

customer product reviewsCustomer Product Reviews Bring A Different

View To Your Purchase!

Now I have purchased so many vacuums that break after like 2 weeks of usage.

Now we have a German Shepherd, and if you know anything about German Shepherds, you know they have a lot of hair.

So I need a vacuum that will work every week.  So I decided to take a different approach.

I spent about an hour reading the customer product reviews about the 10 vacuums that I was deciding between.

The greatest part is that Amazon has amazing customer product reviews on everything.

So once I decided on the vacuums I liked I was able to see what other customers thought about each vacuum.


Customer Product Reviews Do More Than Rate, they actually give you written out pros and cons to your purchase!

customer product reviews

Ok.. Ok.. yet are the customer product reviews really from ACTUAL customers??

Yes.. and you know they are.. cuz every time you make a purchase you have the opportunity to give your personal customer product reviews on that product you purchased.

See this is where I usually fall short. I rarely go back and leave my feedback.

I must do better in that area.  I must admit it feels good simply knowing that I can… lol..

Customer Product Reviews can help your biz as well.. if used correctly…

As most of us are business builders, have you ever considered how Customer Product Reviews can help your biz.

While you are marketing your biz, you should find a location where you can offer customer product reviews from individuals that are your customers..and your team builders.

You should post these reviews on a High Traffic blog.  When I say high traffic I mean one with the ranking below..

alexa_empower_rankingIf you need to test your blog to see it compares.. simply visit

Once you have a High Traffic blog, you can begin to share customer product reviews for your company on the blog.

By using a high traffic blog, you are able to knock all the other products similar to yours out the way and get your positioning on the first page of Google.

How Can I Get My Customer Product Reviews On A High Traffic Blog? Is It hard?

It depends on how you go about getting a high traffic blog.

You can spend 1,000 of dollars allowing some to to create your blog with lots of SEO goodies.

You can wait days, maybe weeks to get the blog up and running, and then months to get the traffic to it.

Or you can simply get a blog on a Viral Blogging System which comes ready to set up and start using in  minutes, plus the traffic is already there (as shown in picture above).

So to answer your question, No it is not hard to start placing your Customer product reviews on a high traffic blog.

On top of it being easy, you can also decide to generate an income while you are sharing your customer product reviews.

As a business owner, I’m sure you know many business owners that could benefit from  having their own High Traffic Blog to place their Customer Product Reviews on to.

I’m Interested! So Where Do I Start, and How Much Is This High Traffic Blog Going To Cost Me?

1.  Click Here and Pick Up Your  High Traffic Blog for $97 $25!

2. Once you are registered, I will personally email you access to the Bonus Getting Started Blogging Guide that will show exactly how to set up your blog to get your Customer Product Reviews up ASAP.

3. I will also give you access to our Training Site where you can obtain more training to see if you are doing it right.

customer product reviews

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. Place your name and email below and learn the one technique that literally changed my life.. trust me.. it’s not what you think!(wink)

Customer Product Reviews change your business.

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Felicia Starks

Wow Shalonda, as much as I purchase from Amazon, I have only left maybe 2 or 3 reviews and never really even thought about how valuable they are. Thanks for reminding me about the reviews and to use them to help drive more traffic! Genius idea!
Felicia Starks recently posted..Are You Full Of It?My Profile


Are You Checking Customer Product Reviews? I have done this on some major purchases, but I see how I could still use it on smaller ones too. Also real important when buying online. Thanks for sharing Shalonda. This will certainly make me more cognizant about it.


You know, I must say this is not something that I’ve utilized, but will definitely be taking your advice and doing it from now on! Thank you for sharing, as it is truly beneficial to do your due diligence in order to make sure you understand the benefits and the “risks” if any. Thanks!


Makes total sense.. and a great comparison that I’ve never thought of. I am constantly working on reviews for my books cause that’s the blood of that business, but never thought of it in this aspect. Thanks!


Checking customer product reviews is a great way to add value to your blog…giving insight and reviews for others to get what they are looking for can attract subscribers and potential clients for the future. 
Thank you for pointing this out..I will try to do at least 5 reveiws per week from now on


I have to be honest  … I’m not checking customer product reviews, but I will be starting.

Dan McAndrew

Customer Product Reviews

Great blog Shalonda! I always make full use of the customer product reviews on Amazon when purchasing. I did that just recently to decide what the best high fidelity headphones were that I could get under $200. I ended up getting an excellent pair that are the best ones I’ve ever owned!

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