Do You Want to Know How to Join a Business, Qualify for Commissions and Win a Team Contest in 6 Hours?

by Shalonda Gordon in Network Marketing

Wow.. what a weekend! Yes, you read the title.. and Yes I actually achieved just that. I joined a business, qualified for commissions and won a team contest all in 6 hours. Now just between you and I.. I’m still sitting on cloud nine with that success.. especially because I made money and then won more money. Guys.. this is one of the reasons I love this industry. I know you are wondering.. HOW??? That is the part that is so amazing. I worked the warm and cold market around me. Oh, and I worked until I accomplished my goal.

As you know, I have been in network marketing for 13 years. Yet let me tell you the part you might not know.. I never built a team until last year. So basically took 12 years of self improvement to get to a point of being prepared to handle a team. This weekend I experienced another FIRST!! One of those “FIRST” that you hear about all the time, yet it just didn’t seem possible for me. We have all been there, watching other leaders explode wondering, “What am I doing wrong? or What am I not doing?”

Well I’m here to tell you that persistence WORKS.. Never give up.. keep pushing. I give credit to this past weekend’s success to many things. 1. My upline is AMAZING. 2. I payed Attention 3. I kept pushing until I succeed. 4. The team of Network Marketers that I am attached to are individuals with GREAT integrity. 5. The company is on FIRE!!

So, if you are reading this post, and you are wondering what is really going on in my business. Why am I not finding the success I desire. Look at those 5 points above and ask yourself, Is my up-line helping me to succeed? Have I paid attention? Did I really persist until I found the success I desired? As I look around does my team have integrity? Does my company really have the ability to bring my success? If you answer NO to any of those questions.. Click the link below and let’s start down a path that will lead you directly to the success you KNOW you deserve.

Complete the application and I will PERSONALLY follow up with you. I believe in helping others find the success that I have found.. and hopefully more.. That way we all can continue to KEEP SMILING!!

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Kareem Williams

You are super awesome girl, You are truly rocking the core of this industry, both Network marketing and Internet Marketing


Way to go Shalonda!!!

Cherie King

Knock it out the park chica!

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