Don’t Think About It Simply Because You Don’t Want To Think About It!

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set,Motivation

Don’t Think About It!

ROFL.. so as you know I’m going through this training with Dave Wood.. and I’ve just completed day 3! And when I tell you I’m reading the training.. you can see it by Click Here! I mean he talks about how it is practically impossible to Not think about what you don’t want to think about without thinking about it.  Yeah.. Don’t think about it just read it for yourself. Click Here!

I’m serious.. Don’t Think About It!

See if you think about it.. I’m realizing that things can get really mixed up.. so just don’t think about it. I know it sounds really bizarre.. yet the more you actually think about the fact that you don’t want to think about it.. it seems like saying don’t think about it just leads to you thinking about it.  Exactly.. that last sentence took me for a loop as well.. yet I learned a very large lesson today. You don’t really want to learn this lesson which is why you won’t Click Here to figure out what I’m talking about.. just don’t think about it.

don't think about it


You’re probably not thinking about it.. yet just Don’t Think About It!!

As I read this training I realized that most of my life I have been lead by the thoughts that I would rather not have .. You know the ones I really do not want to even think about.  Today I must admit I have a more positive pallet.  For example.. instead of telling myself or even thinking that “I simply don’t know enough to succeed”, I instead tell myself “I have everything I need to succeed”.  Instead of telling myself that I have to be somebody I’m not in order to succeed, I tell myself “I successful because of who I am”.  When I simply don’t think about it.. which keep in mind.. never happens.. cuz I’m always thinking.. LOL… I know.. trust.. I know it sounds really crazy.. I mean you really don’t want to understand which is why you will not Click Here and read it for yourself and actually end up changing your entire life and becoming the success you always knew you should have.

Keep Smiling

Don’t think about it.. just Click Here!

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