DrinkACT Review: The Truth about DrinkACT!

by Shalonda Gordon in MLM Reviews

This DrinkACT Review that sets the record Straight!!

You are probably at this site because you are considering becoming a DrinkACT business owner or you are already a DrinkACT rep.

Either way this DrinkACT Review is going to share the truth with you.

I mean I have read many reviews.. and they simply list the facts.. so that you can feel comfortable knowing that the DrinkACT Review is reputable.

Well I can start with some facts to make you feel comfortable.

Let’s start from the beginning.  DrinkACT is a manufacturer-to-consumer direct sales company that was founded in June 2005 by Dr. Joel Wallace BS, DVM ND.  In case you didn’t know Dr. Joel Wallace wrote the book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.  This book basically jump started the Health and Wellness Industry.

Today, DrinkACT is among the fastest growing divisions of the Youngevity Family of Companies, and its headquarters are located in beautiful Chula Vista, California. DrinkACT’s compensation plan is fair and pays out over 50 cents of every business dollar we bring through the door back out to the field.

drinkact review

Now time  for the other side of the DrinkACT Review..


Now I’ve given you many facts.. yet let’s discuss the information you are really looking to obtain.  For example, you probably really want to know about three things.  So let me share with you the information that most DrinkACT Reviews will not tell you.

1.  Do the products really work as well as they say? What is the product?

Now many will tell you this information in their DrinkACT Reviews.. yet I’m going to give you the quick and easy version.

DrinkACT sells high impact products that are priced for the masses not for the few.

From their flagship product A.C.T. (Advanced Cell Therapy) Energy, which is an all natural energy drink which comes in can and powder (better for marketing overseas).  DrinkACT is known for it’s Ignite15 Body Transformation System, a well known weight loss system. Now DrinkACT has added Bellamora, an anti-aging system, and a.c.t. G.T.O. (Get Turned On) their passion enhancement product to their list.  Basically, whether you want more energy, need to lose weight or just want to experience overall wellness, DrinkACT can get you there.  The products work exactly like they say..  So, you are just supposed to take my word.. well NO, how about a picture.. I used the Ignite15 Body Transformation System and lost two pant sizes in 15 days…

drinkact review2.  Will the company teach me how to market the product correctly?

Now the company is not going to teach you how to market directly, yet they will give you all the tools you need to get the job done. 

It really depends on who you are working with on your DrinkACT journey. 

This DrinkACT Review recommends that you really evaluate the training of your sponsor.  Ask them to give you a step by step of what you are expected to do the first 3 weeks in the business.  If they can not give you a blueprint for your first three weeks, we recommend you Click Here and discover how to market your DrinkACT business on-line. There are many benefits to marketing on-line.  It allows you to place your business on Auto-pilot.

3. Is anybody really making money with the DrinkACT business? YES!! There are people making money with DrinkACT.

At the time of writing this DrinkACT Review,

I personally know of 2 people making over 6 figures, and many making 5 figures a year.  Of course it really doesn’t matter what kind of money somebody else makes. What matters is what YOU can accomplish, and that is totally dependent on what you do.

This DrinkACT Review should help you make the correct decision.

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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DrinkACT Review is the truth!

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