Events Don’t Work!!!

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set,On-Line Marketing

Unless you actually ATTEND!!!

You see I made a decision to join the Inner Circle Alliance (ICA) with Tracey Walker and Nicole S. Cooper and not only did they bring AMAZING Value.. the training came with a trip to Phoenix Arizona where we could learn from one of their mentors.. Mr. Mark Hoverson. Now this guys is very cool and laid back. A person who loves to share what he knows… My friend Chante Epps calls it “The Millionaire Next Door”…smile. The information received was… priceless. If you have the opportunity to attend an event, you should make it a priority. At first I wasn’t sure about attending Phoenix.. mainly because I’m a single mom.. and I don’t like leaving my girls.. Yet I knew that there was something I needed from this event. The fellowship alone was amazing.. rubbing shoulders with amazing marketers like Jeremiah Roberts, Mike Watts, Chante Epps, Tracey Walker, Nicole S. Cooper, Toby and Layla Black, Adam Holland, The Blue Brothers.. I mean.. I’m not in these kinds of positions everyday.. and I loved it… The video below is a moment with Mr. Mark Hoverson. I hope you take something from it..

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Chante Epps

Shalonda, I’m so glad that although we are both mothers, we sacrificed in order to take part in the Inner Circle Alliance as well as the Mark Hoverson Marketing Mastery Event. I truly do believe that our BRANDS and our BUSINESSES wouldn’t be where they are today if we hadn’t truly committed and sacrificed our time, money and efforts to take part in such a life changing event. I really do understand that they say that getting out to events really can change the course of your business for you, we both are a living testimony to it!

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