Most people may have heard the word “metabolism” in one health topic or the other. However, it is interesting to know that beyond this fact, most people do not know what metabolism refers to and its importance to our lives. We must “Ignite” our bodies in everything that we do, whether it’s eating, sleeping or working, our bodies require energy to perform any and all of these activities. Our bodies derive the energy they require from metabolism. “Ignite15” places our body’s metabolism on supercharge. Metabolism refers to the chemical reactions in one’s body that convert the fuel stored in the food that we eat into fuel.
The mechanism of metabolism is quite complex. Researchers have discovered that certain proteins are required to control the metabolism process. Which is why starting your day with a breakfast that is filled with protein is an amazing way to “Ignite” your body and jump start your metabolism. Metabolism is the process that keeps our body’s cells alive. When the metabolism in the body cells stops, it inevitably means that those cells are dead. The more living cells in your body, the better it operates. Igniting your body naturally supercharges your metabolism allowing your body to work at its peak.

The metabolism process has proven to be quite essential in explaining several mysteries regarding weight loss and weight gain. Researchers have revealed that some weight loss problems may be due to a low rate of metabolism in the affected person. They have also proven that those with higher rates of metabolism tend to have perfect physique. This research shows that one’s rate of metabolism has to be raised so as to lose the excess weight. Yet, how does one supercharge their metabolism? Well, as we know, exercise is one way to get the metabolism pumping. As a person looks at their diet, they can also speed up their metabolism. Many do not realize that the environment effect our metabolism. Air, food and water can have an adverse affect on our metabolism turning your body into a fat-storing machine instead of a fat-burning machine. Igniting your body supercharges your metabolism, turning your body back into a fat-burning machine.

Often people who have low rates of metabolism tend to find it particularly difficult to raise their metabolism. The body is accustomed to drawing sufficient energy from the metabolism processes that occur in the cells. When persons with low rates of metabolism try to raise this rate through various activities e.g. exercise, the resultant effect is that the body may feel reluctant to react as it now has higher energy demands. These energy demands cannot be sufficiently met with the current metabolism rate. Thus, it is advisable that the person supercharge their metabolism by starting from inside the body first. By “Igniting” your body you can place your metabolism on supercharge, causing you to burn more calories, lose more weight, and enjoy a long work out. Simply said, it is time to Ignite Your Body and supercharge your metabolism.