The Formula To Enter The 3% – Part 1

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set,On-Line Marketing

Can You Enter The 3%

Ever wondered about the saying 3%? I actually did.

I realized that I wanted to understand what made them make all the money while the majority of us could barely get by.

So I decided to do a little research.  See one difference between the 3% and the rest is that when they want to know something… they go after the information themselves.  They do not sit around waiting for others to bring them the info. Hint.. hint..

So my research brought me to an amazing list… that I simply have to share with you.  I could not keep it to myself.

As you are reading this post.. you are wondering exactly what is it I’m talking about.. you are breathing in and out..

Right now you realize you deserve to know this information.

enter the 3%

What Happens When You Enter The 3%?

Many desire to enter the 3%, yet have no idea what that means.. except that there is more money in the bank. There is a reason why when a person strives to enter the 3% they must learn things that were not taught by the 97%. The next question is what is it that the 3% know that the 97% do not? Yes.. this is where it gets interesting.  Many of us desire to enter the 3% yet we went to school which trained us to enter the 97%.

Enter The 3% With Your Mind First!

  1. Leave a comment below about where you are starting.. are you in the 3% or the 97% right now, and why.
  2. Write A Post About rather your mind is ready for the 3%.
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  6. Take Action NOW!! Began to enter the 3%!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Enter the 3%

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