The Formula To Enter The 3% – Part 2

by Shalonda Gordon in Mind Set

Ideas That Help You Enter The 3%

They saying knowing is half the battle.. yet let’s really consider this “saying”

You know many things..

Yet is what you know.. correct?

Will “what you know” get you where you want to be?

See most of what we know is based on what we’ve been taught by those that do not possess what we desire.

So the reality is that the formula to enter the 3% requires that we learn something new.

You are reading this post…

You desire to understand the formula to enter the 3%

As you are breathing in and out..

You quickly realize this information is what you should have learned first.enter the 3%

To Enter The 3% There Must Be Understanding

In order to enter the 3% you must first accept that you are not currently in the 3% and there is a reason for that.

One can enter the 3% once the understanding exist that your “best thinking” got you where you are currently.

Many of us were raised by the 97%, which is not the problem.

The issue of how to enter the 3% arises when we do not accept that the mindset of the 97% is not going to lead to living a 3% lifestyle.

Continue to Enter The 3% By Starting With Your Mind First

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Keep Smiling

Shalonda Gordon

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Enter the 3% swiftly with what you NOW know!

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