Goal Setting 101, We must start somewhere, Start Here!

by Shalonda Gordon in Goal Setting

Goal Setting 101 is necessary for success!

As I’ve already shared.. I’m in the process of completing lots of Goal Setting task. I figured while I was at it.. I might as well share with you my first activity. This way you can go ahead and begin to start goal setting as well. Wouldn’t it be awesome to start next year off with a complete game plan. As they say..

“If we fail to PLAN, then we PLAN to fail!”

So let’s get right to it.. Ok the first step to successful goal setting is to clear your mind. Leave all the worries and the concerns from the day in another room. Make sure you are in a setting where you will not have any interruptions for about 45 minutes minimum. Rock on! Now get 6 pieces of paper ( and a few pens.. smiling.)

Goal Setting takes Focus!

First we need to create the skeleton.. then I will go over giving more detail in a later post.

Your next goal setting step is to take a sheet of paper and at the top, write, “20 Years From Now I Will….”.
On the 2nd page at the top, write, “10 Years From Now I Will.. “. On the 3rd page at the top, write “5 Years From Now I Will….”. On the 4th page at the top, write “1 Year From Now I Will….” On the 5th page at the top, write “6 Months From Now I Will…..” and on the final sheet of paper write, “2 Months From Now I Will…”

Now on each page, answer the following 5 questions:

1. I will be……. (now in this section you can put the age you will be at the time above, married/single, possible weigh less.. etc)

2. Have Accomplished….. (what are your accomplishments at this time?)

3. Have a net worth of… (what is your net worth at this time?)

4. Own… (what do you own at this time?)

5. Contribution… (what have you/are you contributing?)

Goal Setting requires a breakdown of your thoughts!

Answer each of these questions for each page. Now you see why you need some peace and quiet…smile

Ok.. so this is where you start. Come back and leave me a comment letting me know how your planning has gone.. I tell you every time I sit and set my goals.. I’m amazed by what I’ve actually accomplished and how much I still want to accomplish. It is a great way to build yourself back up..and a great way to motivate yourself to continue to move forward.

Have an amazing day full of reasons to keep smiling, and get to goal setting..

Keep Smiling,

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