Have You Noticed The Javalution Taking Place?

by Shalonda Gordon in MLM Reviews


As I woke up this morning craving my morning coffee, I realized we are in the middle of a Javalution.

What is a Javalution?? I decided to call it a revolution with coffee, yet it is actually the Javalution Coffee Company. This company was founded in 2003 by two friends. They wanted to find a way to stay healthy and fit, while not drastically changing their lifestyles. I’d say they found

success due to the fact that I receive my focus and multivitamins every morning from my coffee, straight from the Javalution Coffee Company. Now the coffee I drink is just one of many flavors from the JavaFit line from Javalution Coffee Company. JavaFit was created by Scott Pumper who is the company’s president. I know you may be thinking that there are all kinds of coffee companies out there, and I would agree with you. Yet on the other hand there a lot of people out there too.. they are not all the same, and neither is coffee.  I have tried many types of coffee’s and I’m stuck on JavaFit. This coffee is the first to actually make me feel better after drinking.  I brewed a pot of the JaveFit Immune Plus and began to feel better.  At that moment I was sold on JavaFit.

Welcome To The Javalution!

JavaFit coffee combines the amazing health benefits of coffee, and has further enhanced them with effective dietary supplements. This isn’t just marketing hype. There are published clinical trials on JavaFit coffee demonstrating the efficacy of our coffee. Jose Antonio, PHD is the Co-founder of Javalution Coffee Co/ Science Advisor and CEO of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, stated that too many companies make claims that are unsubstantiated, exaggerated, or just downright false. We decided that in order to deliver the best quality product, based on science and innovation, and coupled with amazing taste, that we would truly

Start the Javalution, the revolution of coffee!

There are many benefits to drinking coffee.  WebMD stated that those that drink coffee are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia, and have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes. Yet, coffee is not proven to prevent these conditions. The Huffington Post states that coffee can even lower depression.  Seriously, we need to take another look at this coffee thing.  I personally have been a coffee drinker for many years, thinking that it was all bad for me. Now, I drink my JavaFit with confidence.  I feel better and my body responds better. I’m not saying that you should let go of your morning glass of orange juice or cranberry juice, yet I would recommend adding a cup of JavaFit Immune Plus if you are in need of building your Immune system. It’s time to get healthy, we all know this fact, and now it is time to join the Javalution.


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