Discover How To Have Success In Wake Up Now Without Marketing Experience!

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Many Are Having Success In Wake Up Now!

single moms are having success in wake up now

Many are having success in Wake Up Now by using these solutions. Wake Up Now was founded in 2009 and provides software solutions for a better life.

They currently offer 3 different products.

The WakeUpNow Marketplace is a portal that gives you access to hundreds of popular online merchants like and  I spend more time in Walmart then I should, and so do many of the people who spend lots of time on-line. You can have success in Wake Up Now by sharing this product with the millions of people on-line.

The WakeUpNow Vacation Club gives you access to hotels, timeshares, and cruises around the country and around the world at wholesale prices. Many desire to take their families on vacation, yet the cost can become overbearing, yet with the WakeUpNow Vacation Club in order to receive the saving necessary to make the vacation amazing.

The Taxbot is one-touch tax relief designed to make it EASY to save thousands on your taxes. The mobile app and online system help save you time, effort, and money. Now as a business owner, this product literally helps the new business owner prepare for their taxes. As you see there are many business builders all over the internet that deserve this product which leads to success in Wake Up Now.

 Success In Wake Up Now Without Marketing Experience

Comes Through Leveraging The Internet

People are having success in Wake Up Now everywhere.

Many are having success in Wake Up Now by using the internet.

They use their social media accounts and email to share their saving and business opp in Wake Up Now with friends and family.

A select few are actually having success in Wake Up Now by actually leveraging the internet.

This means they are actually getting their information to people that do not know them or any of their friends or family.

Can you think of a time when you first joined Wake Up Now  and you felt the shift of change in your life, you could see how the WakeUpNow Marketplace and the WakeUpNow Vacation Club could benefit your friends, and family.

Can you think of a time when you knew you couldn’t fail?

You will discover having success in Wake Up Now by touching more people through the internet.

The internet places you in a place where you can share your unlimited savings while you are sleeping.

What would happen if you could share a video with you showing your fabulous room on a vacation and showing the savings you received from using the WakeUpNow Vacation Club benefits on the internet while you are enjoying time with your family? Many are  having success in Wake Up Now, because they know how to make this happen.

Discover Having Success In Wake Up Now By Marketing On-Line

This video will show some basics on how to begin to use the internet in order to bring more eyes to your Wake Up Now business, especially while you are sleeping.

So you realize that you have your Wake Up Now website, the one like everyone else in your business.

By now you know the basics of what you need to automate the internet side to your business.

Yet, now you are wondering, How do I create the website in order to show all my great marketing content?

Well that is where everything comes together nicely.

  • First use your savings and document the savings, preferably through screen shots and video. Create about 5 different savings examples. Either through the WakeUpNow Marketplace or the WakeUpNow Vacation Club. You can even show through a screen shot your commissions that you are earning while you are saving.
  • Then create a few a video with an overview presentation.  You should have 4 of these minimum.  One for each product and one that is an overview which includes all the products in WakeUpNow.  You may want to do 3 videos explaining the Silver, Gold, and Platinum WakeUpNow Packages.
  • Then you place those videos and/or screen shots on a site just like this one you are looking at right now.  This site is an authority viral blogging site.

Many think that blogging is all about writing, well that is not true.

You can just as easily turn your site into a Vlog.. or a video blog.. where you place your videos.

You can also do both, write and show videos.

You begin to direct your leads, customers, and consultants to this site, in order to get all their questions answered.

While you are directing people here and sharing your results, you will also begin to rank on search engines, which will lead to others locating YOU!

Many are having success in Wake Up Now by blogging and vlogging about their products and success.

Now you are in a very special situation, because the majority of Independent Business Owners have not learned this technique.

Take the lead now.

Your next step to success:

Here are your three starting steps in order to start marketing your Wake Up Now  business on-line.

Follow these steps and you will join the many that are having success in Wake Up Now.

  1. Click Here and discover the 3 things you must know in order to make money on-line (it’s not what you think)
  2. After learning the 3 important things pick up your blogging platform (you will be taken there after the training)
  3. Write a blog on the savings you received on your last trip, with the video/screen shots we discussed.
  4. Share your new blog post on social media platforms
  5. Comment on this post with your blog link so that I can stop by and support your business! (when you comment it will ask for your site, place the link there)

You will also receive these Bonus’ to help  you start smoothly:

We have a Private Mastermind Group on Facebook with hundreds of people helping each other succeed online.

We have an Exclusive Internet Marketing Training Site with dozens of video tutorials to help you learn the specific nuts and bolts to become a successful internet marketer and actually make money!

And most importantly, we have a “Turnkey System” that allows you to get started getting leads to your business TODAY instead of spending weeks setting everything up yourself.

I will also have a 20 minute coaching session with you to make sure you are on track to having success in Wake Up Now!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Shalonda Gordon

You are absolutely correct Kevin.. truth is in order to have a successful business we must have business builders and CUSTOMERS.. those that simply believe in the product regardless of the ability to create an income.. thanks for stopping through.. I really enjoy and appreciate your comments.. keep smiling

kevin Mesa

wow great points you shared. The Most important I believe is sharing the opportunity where people can save money on there shopping with WUN. Many only share the opportunity of earning residual income through the business but they miss out on the most important part, all the discounts and products you get as a member, I think those are the main things we need to focus on and promote it online with others, Great post I will share it my team Members 🙂
kevin Mesa recently posted..Wake Up Now Network Marketing OpportunityMy Profile

Shalonda Gordon

Anytime.. thanks so much for stopping by.. hope to see you again.. keep smiling


thnx for providing a best guide to start marketing.
Wonderful share.
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