House Party Marketing For Beginners

by Shalonda Gordon in Network Marketing

House Party Marketing For Beginners

house party marketingSo now you have a new business.. and you know you have to schedule your first home party.

Yet where do you start? Well here is some information for real house party marketing.

See there are a few steps that can assist you in having a successful house party.

House party marketing is very important when starting your new business.

Especially if you are serious about building your business.

Why Do I Need House Party Marketing?

Because you want to have guest at your party.

The more guest you have the more chances you have to make sales.. and the more chances you have to connect with new business partners.

Ultimately customers and business builders are very important in growing your business.

In order to create successful house party marketing, you must plan for a successful house party.

Most house party marketing starts with PAT Principle Of Party Plan Success.

i). Plan your time: Party Plan Pat’s recommendation is 15-20/week. 10-15 of these hours must be used for direct sales party plan opportunity meetings, home party demonstrations, delivery and follow up of home party sales. The other 5-10 is for personal development!

ii) Plan your marketing budget ($500-$1500/month). Statistics indicate that low cost home party marketing efforts take seven times as long to yield results. A business without a marketing budget is very much like what starvation does to the body, It will die!

iii). Identify those most likely to use your product/service this is called your Target Market. Contrary to popular opinion, everyone with a pulse and a breath is not your target market. You begin to research marketing methods you will implement. A 5-Point Prospecting is highly recommended.

house party marketing

 House Party Marketing Leads To More People In The Room When You Share The Great News!

Now that you have a plan.. it’s time to work the plan.

Now here are three steps for the beginner.

House party marketing with these three steps will lead to success if you decide that success is the only option.

Follow these steps.. when you are planning your first home party for your business.

Step 1: Make a list of 50 local friends and family that you can invite. (Yes, work your warm market.. WHY? because it is the best way to fill a room.) If your first response to this step is, “I don’t want to talk to my friends and family”.. well keep reading.. I have something for you!

Step 2: Invite 50+ guest with a RSVP, and Offer a prize or raffle for every guest that brings a friend with them.  Make this prize worth it, something you know people want.

Step 3: Follow up with all invites (via phone) that have not RSVP 48 hours prior to party. Follow up with all that have RSVP 24 hours prior to party.

Now if you are shaking your head at what it takes to market your house party..

I would consider you think about marketing on the internet.

And have people contacting you in order to throw a party.

The reality is that you are learning a new skill, as a beginner, anyways.

Why not learn a skill that doesn’t require that you constantly leave your home to share your products.. yet that cause people to come to you through the internet to purchase your products.

House party marketing leads to local sales at your party, while internet marketing leads to sales while you are sleeping.  How does that sound… you waking up to sales.

Many of us have made the switch.. and will never look back.

Plus the fact that we are making more money this way, because we are leveraging the internet.

How do I start leveraging the internet, instead of house party marketing?

Click the button below and get the information about how leveraging the internet is breaking people free from house party marketing!

house party marketing
Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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House Party Marketing

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