How To Create A Capture Page On Aweber

by Shalonda Gordon in On-Line Marketing

Want To Create A Capture Page On Aweber?

I remember when the simplest things seemed impossible.  Things like creating a capture page on aweber.  I looked all over the place for ways to create capture pages.. and everything I found required me to purchase something with a monthly fee. I always had Aweber (yet back then they didn’t have this ability when I started with them).  I recently have created many capture page on aweber and they all do an amazing job getting people onto my list. Every training that I have attended with multi-millionaire Internet Marketers has explained how when they first found success they had the most ugly capture pages.

I want a Capture Page On Aweber.. yet what is a Capture Page?

Great question… Capture pages have different names.  Some call them opt-in boxes, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, sign-up boxes, and sign-up pages and all of them are web pages that capture a persons information.  What ever information you desire.  From just email addresses, to names, addresses, phone numbers.. what ever you desire to capture of your leads.  With the intention being to FOLLOW UP!! One of the most overlooked necessities in our industry is the need to follow up.  Unless you are bringing in 100’s of leads a day.. you need to follow up. The simplest way to do this is through email marketing, yet how do you get a list to email.  Well, in comes the capture page on aweber.

This training will show you step by step how to set up your capture page on aweber.  You can even create one while you watch.


Now that you know how to create a capture page on aweber you are ready to market!

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Shawn Johnson

Awesome easy peasy tutorial Shalonda.

I found this to be simple and effective if you
do not want to invest in all of these lead capture
page systems at this time.

Also having an autoresponder system is a must in what
we do so you are basically killing 2 birds with one

Thanks for sharing because I know this will help out alot of
people who already own or looking to own aweber.

– Shawn “Super Doer” Johnson
Shawn Johnson recently posted..How To Use Affiliate Marketing Programs Like A GuruMy Profile

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