How To Turn Your Prospecting Into Money

by Shalonda Gordon in Network Marketing


What are you doing with your PROSPECT??

Many times when we join our business we are so excited that we simply tell everybody that we have found the next best thing since sliced bread. We try to sign up everyone that we run into. Yet the reality is that this is not the best way to prospect, and truth be told everyone is not meant to become your prospect. Realizing that your business is not for everybody is the best place to start and also realizing that you really don’t want to work with just anybody. Now that you have found the next best thing, it is now your job to sort through the people in order the find the ones that were meant to work with you.

Who is YOUR perfect Prospect?

When approaching a person in order to see if they are a good fit for your business or prospect them, you need to interview them. Just like if you were applying for a job they would interview you… or if you were hiring somebody to work with you, you would interview them. Well the same needs to happen now that you are deciding who the individuals are that will take your business to the next level. I’ve learned from many, yet let me mention Dani Johnson and Buck Reed. They taught me how to F.O.R.M individuals prior to introducing them to my business opportunity. In order to F.O.R.M a person you will ask a series if questions to help you determine how your opportunity is a solution to their situation. You may also find through this process that the individual is meant to be a preferred customer instead of a business owner. Now F.O.R.M stands for

1. F = Family: Let’s ask them about their family and determine if the business will help solve an issue in this area. For example: “Do you have children?” “Do you have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with your family?”

2. O = Occupation: Let’s ask them about what they currently do for a living. For example: “Are you currently working?” “What kind of work do you do?” “Do you like what you do?”

3. R = Recreation: Let’s ask them about what they like to do with their free time. For example: “What do you do for fun?” “How many times do you get to do that a week?”

4. M = Motivation: Let’s ask about what motivates them to continue building a business. For example: “Why are you trying to start your own business?” “If your business hit a slow spell, what would motivate you to keep pushing forward?”

Now you know your Prospect!!

Now that we have learned something about our prospect, we can make a better informed decision about how our business will help them in their situation. We are also starting to build a relationship. Many people forget that Network Marketing is about relationships. Remember that people join people not businesses. So you want to build a relationship with your prospect so that they will want to join you.

The final and most important rule for the basics of prospecting is that you must listen to them. You must ask your question and LISTEN to their answer. This is a vital key to successful prospecting. I have found that in the past when I failed to listen to the needs of my prospect that I left without the new member. Once I actually started listening to my prospects my conversion rates went through the roof. I hope this information helps you when you start to talk to your next perfect prospect.

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