I’m Blogging… Now How Do I Get Paid?

by Shalonda Gordon in Blogging

You’re Blogging For Money! So How Do You Get Paid?

I get this question so many times that I had to write about it.. My desire is that after reading this post you will have a starting point as to what to do NOW! Many of us started blogging because we were told that it is the way to generate leads and grow our business.  All we have to do is start blogging, every day, about whatever, consistently. If you start blogging daily the flood gates will open. So what did we do.. we start blogging feverishy….every day, about things that we know about, about things that we do not know about.  We start blogging all the time.. and what happened.. well for most of us, what didn’t happen is that the flood gates did not open.. What are we missing?


Blogging Will Open The Flood Gates!

Now I came on-line in February 2009 in order to generate leads for my Network Marketing business.  So I get on-line and start researching all over the place to figure out how to generate all these leads that are going to make me RICH!! LOL.. I laugh about this now.. yet as I was researching I kept coming across this blogging thing. Every thing was telling me that if you blog, you will generate leads that will stay with you forever.. YES!! I have found the golden egg.. I am going to get on stage for my business. All I had to do what figure out how to blog.  How hard can that be… I mean really.. how hard can it be.  I search for a free blogging platform. You see everyone knows that when you get on-line you can get everything you need for free!  (As I’m writing this blog.. I’m literally laughing at how little I really knew).  So I locate Blogger, the free blogging platform that is powered by Google.  And I started LEARNING how to blog.  Because truth be told.. I didn’t know anything about blogging.. and just like I had to spend years taking Chemistry to realize everything I learned to be a Physical Chemist.. well same thing here.. there was a learning curve.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! I actually had to learn some things.  So I’m blogging on Blogger and I realize that I really don’t have control of my content.  I mean Blogger can put what ever on your page.. they can decide that they don’t like what you are blogging about and guess what they can shut you down! Now after all this “blogging” information I had learned and all the time I had spent on this blog, I realized that I had to make a change.  Oh by the way… I still had not generated 1 lead.  Remember now that is the reason for blogging in the first place.

You Must Have A Passion and Authority To Succeed In Blogging


So all of a sudden I realized things had changed just slightly.. I now had a passion for blogging.  I had a desire to succeed in this thing called blogging and I would have success once my blogs brought me leads for my business.  So now I had to go out and buy some land on the internet.  Now if you are reading this on my blog.. I would like to welcome you to my house…smile.  So now all I needed was authority.  Yet where can you get authority on the internet so that you can open those flood gates? Well first let me explain what having authority on the internet means.  So to have authority on the internet is to have a power house say that you are an expert on a particular subject.  Let’s say you write a blog about the New iPhone 5, and Apple writes an article on their site and puts your post as the expert post on how their iPhone 5 works.  At that point your blog just became an authority on the subject.  Truth be told.. you probably wouldn’t have to blog again.. because that one article would bring in so much traffic that your flood gates would be open so wide that you would not be able to close it if you tried. Ok.. Ok.. so Shalonda How do I become an authority site? You connect yourself with a blog that is an authority site on it’s own.  So that you can place your blog on that site. The main one I know of is Empower Network’s Blogging Platform.  I actually used this tool for 1 month and raised the number of guest I had to my house on-line.

So you do not want a tool.. you just want to get more authority.  Well another way is to comment on other blogs.  Especially blogs that allow you to post your link with the comment.  (Comment Luv is a great plugin for this..most people will comment back on your blog if you have this plugin).  Another way is to syndicate your blog post. Syndication is when you share your blog all over the place. Share it through social medias, bookmarking sites, everywhere.  An easy way to get help with syndication and have others share your blog as well is TribePro.  All and all.. you can’t just blog.. you have to share and get authority.  So now that you know a few other things you need to do… start blogging!

Keep Smiling,


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Candra Evans

I have been blogging since 2009 and I have not reached the number of subscribers I desire. Thank you for the encouragement and plugin tip! I really needed it.
Candra Evans recently posted..Christian Single Mom BlogMy Profile


I have been using Empower network and found it to be a lot of fun to use. It’s nice knowing that when I write something, it will actually get seen and read. I haven’t made a lot yet…but I will. Thank you.
Dylan recently posted..» » Welcome to Speck iPhone Cases Dot Org ««My Profile

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