What Kind of Twitter Production Are Your Receiving??

by Shalonda Gordon in On-Line Marketing

Now I know we all appreciate FREE marketing techniques, so I wanted to touch on one of

my favorites which is my TWITTER Production..smile.

Now before I start.. let me point out that NOTHING is FREE.. you either have Time or Money.. so when I say FREE.. I mean it is going to use up some of your time… Just so that we are clear. So just recently I was speaking with a business partner about what kind of twitter production she had noticed. We both came to the same conclusion. If you are not on twitter, you need to get there quick. As Network Marketers we often focus on the numbers.. and the best place to position yourself on-line are in positions where there are volumes of people.. Like facebook and twitter.

twitter production

Now Twitter has changed over the past years, and so has my twitter production, yet it is still one of my favorite list building tools. Notice I said “List Building”..

I find my Twitter production results in my list growing.

Depending on how you use it, you may find it assist you differently.  Now honestly sometimes you may catch your self on twitter and feel like you are not producing anything at all. Like you are simply RTing (Retweeting) lots of quotes.. and replying (@Mention) many people that you really do not know. Well this may be the case.. and the idea is to begin to get to know them. Start to connect with individuals that fit your niche. Start to search people that are actually talking about the problem that your product solves.

Basically your Twitter Production will increase as you bring solutions!

There are so many marketers on Twitter blasting their replicated websites and links that many are turned off.  You must use some finess, try tweeting and only placing links on every 5 tweet.. unless it is to a blog post. If you take the approach of locating individuals that actually need your product and then offer them value prior to the hard sell.. you can not go wrong. Now it is always great to have a capture page to send them to once a relationship is built. (Remember we discussed this in the video about the 3 tools you MUST have to succeed on-line).

So go ahead and get yourself a position on Twitter. Start allowing  your Twitter Production to increase.. and remember to ALWAYS…

Keep Smiling as your twitter production increases,

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