It’s Simple, Just Stay Focused!

by Shalonda Gordon in Goal Setting

Is it really that simple to Stay Focused?

stay focused

How many times do you look at your business and realize that you have twenty different projects started, yet none completed?

Well, you are not alone.

I have found myself in this position many times.  The reality is that about 90%+ of the people that join our industry quit because they can’t stay focused.

It is kind of ironic when you think about the fact that if you simply stay focused, you will become one of the top 10% successes in our industry.

Now this is something to think about.

Stay Focused by Getting Organized!

First, our “industry” is anything that causes you to create a life of freedom.

See when you begin to live a life of freedom, you must be willing to stay focused.

Many people do not understand what it really takes to maintain an income without having a boss tell you what to do and when to do it. It is much easier to stay focused in an office full of working people versus in the comfort of your own home with many distractions at every turn, and no one to see you follow the distraction.

To avoid the distractions I get organized. I make list that outline every task that I need to complete each day.

Some nights I prepare for the next day, some nights I don’t, why? Well every morning I have a standing appointment in my Pray Closet, and sometimes my planned preparations change.

Organize your office and staying up on every task with a list will help you stay focused.

Stay Focused By Separating The Important Information From The Junk!

Second, if you are like me, you come across a lot of information throughout the day.

Ever notice that the minute you started working from home, it was like you decided to go back to school. I’m learning more and more stuff every day, yet I have to stay focused on what is providing an income for my household.

If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense is one of my favorite sayings. In the beginning of my freedom lifestyle, I almost lost my car and house messing around with information that did not make provide an income at the end of the day.

Stay focused on activities that are actually putting money in the bank. Some activities are important and take time to generate income, so make sure you make a list of importance for your activities. Stay focused on what is working.

Stay Focused Until You See Results, Then Continue To Stay Focused

Finally, when you stay focused you see results.

Now this statement pretty much sums it all up. What are you learning all this information for, why are you putting in extra hours, why are you investing into your business?

You want to see results. Stay focused and make sure that you keep going until you see the results that you desire.

Honestly, I have found that the more I stay focused, the more results I see. The more results I see the more motivated I become to stay focused. See it all works together.

Make a decision today that you are going to stay focused and watch everything begin to come together.

What This Means For You…

Let’s recap.. see above I gave you 3 points on why you deserve to stay focused.

1. Know what you are doing in order to reach your goals or as I call it.. “freedom”.

2. Separate the important information from the junk.

3. When you stay focused, you see results.

What are you focused on.. what are you using to get to freedom? See this is where you have to leave your past results in the past, for the results you are working toward are your freedom results.

While you visualize the life that you know is yours.. that life of freedom.. it may be living a debt free life.. or relaxing on the beach in the middle of fall.. because you can.. or enjoying your family every second of everyday, because you no longer have to leave the home in order to make a living.. you make a living from home.  I’ve used a few items to reach freedom.. then in 2011 I located the one that works for me.. and is constantly causing my dreams to stretch wider and wider.. you now will have the same kind of freedom as you Click Here and place your name and email in and began your journey to real results, Click Here.

Keep Smiling and stay focused,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. See what freedom allowed my family to do.. August 2013.. keep smiling

stay focusedIt’s time to stay focused.

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Shalonda Gordon

Thanks so much are not alone.. I used to be all over the place as well.. thank God for growth.. lol.. keep smiling

Shawn Johnson

Awesome tips on staying focus. I know I was all over the place when at a few stages of my business career.

Joe is right when he say it’s tough to stay focus when working from home, however we have to get rid of the employee mindset and adopt the entrepreneur mindset if we want to achieve success when doing so.

Overall when you stay focus, drop the junk and do what matters.. magically things work in our favor and it was not as hard as we thought it would be.

Great post Shalonda 🙂
Shawn Johnson recently posted..Jim Rohn Audio – Walk Away From The 97 %My Profile

Shalonda Gordon

Thanks so much for stopping through Donald..yes that standing appointment will make or break my success.. seriously.. and I had an idea that is what you meant.. please come by again.. keep smiling

Donald Thomas

I’m sorry that should be if it doesn’t make moiney it doesn’t make sense. Still waking up.
Donald Thomas recently posted..7 Networking Tips For The Internet MarketerMy Profile

Donald Thomas

Hey there Shalonda –

I like your tips for staying focused, especially “If it doesn’t make sense”

I also like your standing appointment every morning. Have a great day Shalonda.

Donald Thomas recently posted..7 Networking Tips For The Internet MarketerMy Profile


It’s very tough to stay focus when you are working from home. There are too many temptation! Bed, TV, games etc. One really has to be super duper discipline to make it work.
Joe recently posted..How Much Did They Pay You To Give Up On Your DreamsMy Profile


Great info…Now take action…

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