It’s Your Independecnce… Use it!

by Shalonda Gordon in Motivation

Happy 4th of July!

It’s a red, white, and blue kind of day for America. I have mixed feelings about this day. Let me tell you why. See my father is a retired Army Sergent Major, and I grew up as a Military dependent. Now those were some of the best years of my life. I was born into this life style of HONOR, RESPECT, LOYALTY, PRIDE to be an American. Yet, the one thing we all realized was that our parents protected the right to be FREE and the CHOICE to be independent. Our parents would give their lives for this fact… even when some American’s were spitting their “FREEDOM” away and making choices not to become independent.. even still our parents would DIE with HONOR.. if called upon.

Every Soldier is A Special Gift Given to each of us, with sacrifices made!

I remember watching my Dad as I grew up carrying the weight of knowing the things that most of us know nothing about.. and if we did know… it would totally freak us out. I had to share my dad with a country. I’m writing this to remind us that there are wives, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers out there who are sharing their loved ones with this country so that we can celebrate TODAY… Independence Day!!

What Are YOU Doing With Your Independence?

Waking up today you may have thought about what you are going to eat today, who are you going to visit today, who picked up the fireworks, where are you going to watch the fireworks…etc.

Yet take a moment and ask yourself…..

What are you doing with the freedoms that many have sacrificed to make available to you?

If a Soldier that gave his life for YOUR freedom’s child came to you and asked you, “What are you doing with what my daddy died to give you?” What would you say??

Look at your family.. what truths are you showing them about what this day really means.. and how many have given up SOOOO much just so you can have it..

Today I celebrate my Independence by constantly making a better way for my children, by constantly helping others do the same, and most of all I celebrate today with

HONOR, RESPECT, LOYALTY, and PRIDE… and without any kind of reserve I say

I’m PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! And I thank EVERY SOLDIER active, reserved, or retired… Without you.. I don’t even want to think about it.. just THANK YOU.. THIS Post is for you..

Keep Smiling,

P.S. So you are ready to make a choice to use the independence available to you. I’m ready to make a choice to help you see what freedom is all about.. CLICK HERE!

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