Let’s Have A Single Mom Google Hangout!

by Shalonda Gordon in Single Mom

It’s Time For A Single Mom Google Hangout!

The more I think about it.. I realize that more and more single moms want to make an extra income without having to physically leave the house.  I mean when we get second, third, and fourth jobs.. is causes us to have to pay more in child care expenses and gas.. which usually wipe out any profit we may receive.  Many of us our there are not getting the child support due us each month and really need something we can invest our time into that will benefit our family and our life style. Why not have a Single Mom Google Hangout?

Why have a Single Mom Google Hangout?

Well, as a single mom myself, I know that I need to make sure that what I invest my time and money into have to be real. As a single mom that is generating enough income on-line to support myself and my two daughters, I know what is working.  Now let me clarify.  I am not a millionaire.. YET.. yet I definitely make way more than a job, and I’m able to take care of my family from home with my own hours.  The more work I put in the less I have to work in the future.  I’m putting in work now.. and I’m ACTUALLY have things set up to work while I sleep.  Now let me ask you.. does your job pay you while you are sleeping at home? We need a Single Mom Google Hangout.  Now another thing is that most of you reading this.. are thinking.. “I don’t know this CHICK!!!” And you are absolutely right!! So why not come to my Single Mom Google Hangout and ask me computer to computer.. LOL.. (with a webcam) the exact questions that you have.  Then decide for yourself if you want to lock arms with me and start creating your own child support system as I have.

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