Look Around.. Do You See Order or Mess?

by Shalonda Gordon in Goal Setting,Mind Set

Ok.. I need you guys to know that everything I write on this blog are areas that I’m either working through or have worked through.. and have to come back too..smile. Remember that this is a cycle.. it is not like a one time fix.. sometimes you can repair things to a point.. depending on your mindset at that time. As you grow and your mindset evolves you began to go back and reevaluate areas that you thought were ordered.

Well, Let me tell you.. this has been a week of reordering for myself. I am a member of the Inner Circle Alliance, a training by Tracey Walker and Nicole Cooper. On Tuesday night during our training they discussed getting our desk in order. I looked at my desk at that moment and thought to myself, “What a Mess!!”. Nicole gave an amazing way to get things in order. I’m going to tell you right now.. on Wednesday I came home with the tools Nicole recommended and started cleaning off my desk. As I left my office and went into the living room.. I started cleaning in there.. then I moved to the kitchen.. I was like a mad woman going through my house.

Now my house is far from messy.. yet looking through my NEW mindset it simply was not acceptable. My daughter woke up for school and said, “Mom, the house looks great”. I love when my girls recognize when I have “slaved”.. smile. The point being that it was as if my mind cleared as the house cleared. My dreams, my ideas started flowing.

This week at my church I have been chosen as one of three ladies to bring the word to the people. (At 3pm Est. at Ray of Hope Chapel, 2778 Snapfinger Road, Decatur, GA 30034, in case you are in the area) I have been working on this diligently this week.. and the Lord has opened up my eyes to reasons why my success has appeared to become stagnant. He showed me that as I cleaned I made room for more of my dream to become a reality.

So I send this message out to you to simply say.. “Look around.. Do you see order or mess?” If you see mess or disorder, stop what you are doing and begin to clean the area out. If you are saying to yourself right now, I work better in mess.. well.. come on.. you and I both know that the mess is covering up something.. that probably has nothing to do with your business.

We are in a season of prosperity, and I don’t know about you.. yet I want to receive all that is for me. Take some time and make the things around you ordered and watch your dreams become a reality.

Have an amazing evening.. and Keep Smiling,

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