The Ugly Truth About Marketing In Facebook Groups

by Shalonda Gordon in Social Media Marketing

It’s crazy cuz marketing in Facebook groups has reached an all time LOW!!

Well at least when you consider doing it with results! What do I mean.. well lots of people are marketing in Facebook groups yet very few are actually seeing results doing it.

marketing in facebook groups

Marketing In Facebook Groups


First let’s just be honest.. most of the Facebook groups you join are like Pitch Fest Central!! So if you look like everyone else then the reality is that nobody will notice.

I’ve found that people are looking for guidance and information in the groups.. yet most of the time you are basically bumping post with other people looking to market their business.

So what to do?

Do you keep doing the same thing that is not working expecting different results.  You know what they call that, right?

There are few that have found the secret.. and as you read this post and pay close attention to the information with this secret you will understand it all.

Now let’s get to it.. consider your final result.  What do you want to ultimately happen when some clicks your link from your post in Facebook group? There are a few results you could look for, see list below.

  • Join my list
  • Join my business
  • Give help to the community
  • Motivate the community
  • Add some of your own (in the comments below)

Now that you know what you desire.. let’s move backwards in our marketing…

When Marketing in Facebook Groups.. keep the goal in front of you

Now let’s focus on a better way to experience marketing in Facebook Groups.  Get the link together that you are sending the people who click on your post to.

I recommend not using a replicated link. A replicated link…looks like this  Now you can use this site, just forward the link to your own personal domain.

One that brands YOU.. versus your business. Click Here to see where I snatch all my website domains.

Next let’s consider your text in the post.. you want it to be ATTENTION grabbing.  Yet not attention grabbing to everyone.

There is a saying..

If you market to everybody, you are actually marketing to nobody

So make sure you know your target market.  Make the text in your post attractive to your target market.

marketing in facebook groups

Marketing in Facebook Groups Successfully Requires Volume!

Yes.. the more Facebook groups you are member of.. the better.

Why.. well consider how many Facebook groups that your target market is hanging out in.. well your post should be right there with them.

I post to 100 groups about 3 times every day.  My goal is to bring value to my target market.  Simply make it easier for the above average newbie internet marketer to see success swiftly.  (As I see everyone in my target market as above average.. you are here because you qualify.. smile)

I know.. I know.. you are thinking.. WOW.. how long does that take.. well actually it takes me about 3 minutes.. and no I’m not paying out $100 a month either.

See one thing you know is that the right tool can make a job much easier.. I mean how much easier is it to hammer a nail in the wall with a hammer versus with a stapler?

Don’t laugh at me.. yet yes I did use a stapler to bang a nail in the wall to hang up a picture.. #dontjudgeme lol.. I couldn’t find the hammer!!

Here is what I use to post in over 100 Facebook Groups, at minimum 3 times per day.

Click Here and snatch your tool now!

 Your Take Away

Now you have the information that you need in order to have success when marketing in Facebook Groups.

  1. Know your ultimate goal when marketing in Facebook groups.
  2. Brand yourself with your link
  3. Post where your target market is located
  4. Post in over 100 groups, a minimum of 3 times per day
  5. BRING THAT VALUE!! The marketplace needs you.

Your Assignment (If you choose to accept it)

  1. Brand Yourself with your Link
  2. Click Here and Snatch your Marketing Facebook Group posting tool
  3. Post in 100+ groups NOW!!
  4. Comment below so I can look out for your post!

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

P.S. Interested in creating “Ready To Buy” leads all in the Facebook inbox? Click Here for a Free Training

Marketing in Facebook groups simply works.. and it works well.

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Bhavesh Patel


Awesome post Shalonda…. Just think that how stupid mistakes I doing when I doing Facebook group marketing. 🙂

Bhavesh Patel

Shalonda Gordon

Awesome Cheryl, thanks so much for stopping by.. hope to see you again.. keep smiling

Cheryl Sameit

Thank you for this post Shalonda! Sooo much value here!! I can implement these actions right away. I’m smiling! 😀

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