Mary Kay Consultants Become Success Stories

by Shalonda Gordon in MLM Reviews

Mary Kay Consultants

are becoming success stories!

Today, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing lady.  She has list of accomplishments in her life.  She is constantly helping Mary Kay Consultants succeed.   Her name is Talvia Peterson, M.B.A. Today, Mrs. Peterson told her story and it is amazing and worth sharing. mary kay consultants

Mary Kay Consultants and

others can learn a lot from Mrs. Talvia!

She gave so many nuggets that I know will help anybody in any business.  So I asked Mrs. Talvia Peterson if I could share with you and of course she said YES!!  I mean this amazing lady makes a living helping other people realize their dreams. Mrs Talvia Peterson started out with the beginning pointers.

First you must “Sacrifice”.

Now let’s go a little deeper into this one.  When was the last time you sacrifice for your business? I mean seriously, take a moment and think about it. Mrs. Talvia basically made it very clear that when one succeeds they realize that they have sacrificed things, people, moments, and other stuff to get there.

Mary Kay consultants find success through sacrifice

Second, you must “Show Up”!

Mrs. Talvia stated that she simply doesn’t understand how a person can have the opportunity to  get mentored by a top earner and simply not show up. Truth be told, I have heard this story before from other top earners in the Network Marketing Industry.  It really is unexplainable.  I remember my Pastor told me one time to never try to explain the unexplainable, so I will leave that alone.  Just think back to all the opportunities you didn’t show up for and make a decision to turn that around.

Third, Mrs. Peterson stated that after you Sacrifice and Show-Up then it is time to Mature and Grow-Up.

Wow! If you are in business for yourself, then you know this third pointer is crucial.  If we do not mature and grow-up we take the risk of losing everything we have worked so hard for.  Considering that Mrs. Talvia has three first line Sales Directors shows that the Mary Kay Consultants on her team are taking note to the pointers that she offers. Wait.. Mrs. Talvia Peterson didn’t stop there.  She continued on to talk about what she calls the “4 D’s”!

1. Dump It! Learn how to say no.  Like saying NO to those friends of yours that are telling you that YOU can’t start your own business, or that it won’t work.  Especially those friends that have never owned a business or even thought of stepping out of “employee” status. 2. Delegate! Learn how to pass duties to others. This area used to be difficult for me, because I always felt like if I wanted it done right, then I had to do it my self.  Until I realized that I simply couldn’t do it on my own.  We all need help, funny thing is that most of us gain strength once we realize this fact. 3. Defer! Defer those issues you need to work on, just not now.  You know which issues we are talking about.  The ones that require a lot of activity, yet it won’t result in resolve at this time. 4. Do It Now! Now, Not later.  Those things that you should have completed last week, complete them NOW! Those activities that you know will push you closer to your goals, complete them NOW!

If you are interested in becoming a Mary Kay Consultant, I recommend you contact Mrs. Talvia Peterson at  Mary Kay Consultants are pretty blessed to have Mrs. Talvia Peterson in their circle, as I am to have her in my network. Now if you would like to build your Mary Kay Business On-line.. check out this video.  I’ve outlined a few tips that can place your Mary Kay business on Auto Pilot.. once you actually do the steps above.. Click The Button Below!! give_me_info_button_pink

Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Shalonda Gordon

Thanks for coming by Karen, and YES.. Mrs. Talvia is THE TRUTH!! Her presence is full of success. I really enjoyed meeting her. When it comes to Mary Kay she knows how to have success.. I even saw her Pink Cadillac.. very nice.. keep smiling

Karen Dunlap

I am inspired to ask about being in Mrs. Talvia Peterson’s network.

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