Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Is Ridiculous!

by Shalonda Gordon in Motivation

I just saw Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol today.. and is it just me.. or..

Do you feel like driving fast after leaving a movie of this nature.. I mean seriously.. maybe it is just me.. considering that I learned how to drive in Frankfurt Germany.  Yes I drove on the Autobahn at the age of 17.. and ever since I have had this need for speed.  Yes, my license has been on rocking ground here in America before.. smiling. I left the movie today driving faster than usual.  Then I saw a cop, and slowed my tail down.  Just to give you a visual I drive a VW Jetta.  It is actually my fifth Volkswagon.  I drove my VW like I was driving this…


mission impossible

Yes! The BMW i8 from Mission Impossible 4

Just watching this car on the big screen was AMAZING.. (I mean I lived in Frankfurt Germany for 13 years.. German Engineering is in my blood.. lol..) I left the theater ready to push the pedal to the metal.  Don’t worry, my kids were not in the car. This desire brought a serious revelation to my mind. I sat in a movie theater for 2 hours and once I left I had a desire to drive a fast car… FAST!!  Well the same desire comes from filling your mind for 2 hours with motivating information. It is said that multi-millionaires read for at minimum of 30 minutes a day. Many tell you that by reading they make their mission impossible situations conquerable.  How much are reading? I’m currently reading 3 books, and these books help keep me motivated and fired up to keep pushing forward toward my goals.  Now I don’t know about you.. yet I have found that sometimes it is kind of hard to keep pushing through each failure and to keep pushing after each success. I mean sometimes it seems like a complete

Mission Impossible!

Well, we are on the brink of a new year.  Look back at your library pick up a book that maybe you did not finish.  Pick up a new book and start it today.  I mentioned that I’m currently reading three books.  I’m reading Web Copy That Sells  and The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web and my current motivational book is The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer. Each of these books help to take me to the next level in my business and I always include a book that takes me that next level in my life! If you are new to being in business for yourself, or if you work for somebody else and you are looking for a mindset book, check out The Greatest Secret in The World. Just like that Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol made me leave wanting to drive a fast car, or my car faster.. lol.  Reading a book that motivates you to try the newest techniques or improve your current techniques will leave you wanting to take that next step to success.. 2011 is just about gone.  Review what you have accomplished and what you still have left to accomplish. What can you do different in 2012 to reach your goals that are left? If you are not reading daily, or looking at motivational, uplifting, educational information daily then add it to your daily activity list of 2012 and watch how much more you accomplish.  Make your Mission Impossible the Mission Accomplished!   successful time management

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