How I Discovered The MLM Sponsoring Secrets

by Shalonda Gordon in Network Marketing

How I Discovered The MLM Sponsoring Secrets May Shock You!

mlm sponsoring

I remember joining my first MLM back in 1996.

The people who reeled me in, told me all the “EASY” things I had to do in order to have success.  It was like a “To Do List To Success”.

I’m sure you can relate.  It all began with the meeting.  I was invited to a kind of secret event, which excited me.

I remember showing up to a hotel meeting, sitting in the front row, watching a guy in a very nice suit write on a large pad of paper.

He drew circles and talked fast.

He connected the circles to me and talked fast.

He showed us some products and talked fast.

What I remember most is thinking… I’M GOING TO BE RICH!!

I called my Dad, because the initial investment was $5000 and as a college student, I didn’t have that kind of money sitting around.  My father agreed to cosign for me and I got started.

I received all this product, and the guy that wrote on the large pad of paper told me to go out and talk to everyone I knew and sale the products to get my money back.

He told me once I ran out of people I knew, to go to Walmart or the mall and walk around talking to people.

He told me to go door to door and talk to strangers.

He never really told me the mlm sponsoring secrets.  I wonder if he really knew the secret.

Like I said.. he talked fast.

He told me how to Network.. yet never told me how to market!

 MLM Sponsoring Secrets are not given at the “meeting”!

mlm sponsoring After years and years of trying to sponsor multiple business partners, I realized that I was missing a very key part to accomplishing my goal.

See Networking is not the mlm sponsoring secret.

It’s not even close.

You can network all day long, yet that doesn’t lead to financial freedom.

It does not lead to you getting rich and having a life at the same time.

No, networking leads to you making some money and busting your butt the entire time with no end in sight.

See “Marketing” is the key to mlm sponsoring secrets.

Marketing is the key to the MLM Sponsoring Secrets Vault

One thing I have found to be true is that the way to successful MLM sponsoring is through marketing.

What I’ve found is that most of the people writing on the large pad of paper, or maybe for some of you it was white board.. either way the person who sold you on the “dream” were not really “living the dream”.

They really didn’t understand marketing.  The truth is the secret to MLM sponsoring is marketing.

Marketing is not taught in Network Marketing.  They simply use your warm market to expand their reach.

Yet if YOU learn to market you can expand your reach by leaps and bounds.

When you learn to market you begin to sponsor while you are sleeping. You begin to actually live the dream you were sold on.

MLM Sponsoring Secrets include Internet Marketing Skills

mlm sponsoring

 Internet marketing skills are not learned at meetings.

They are learned on the internet.

Internet marketing skills allow you to leverage the internet and sponsor people while you are having a life.

Internet marketing skills are the nuts and bolts to the MLM sponsoring secrets.

Many of us came to the internet and had to search high and low and lost lot so of money getting the information that lead to MLM sponsoring success.  Yet now you can locate all the internet marketing training you could ask for in one location.

If you really want to the MLM Sponsoring Secrets you simply have to obtain the correct training.

Your Assignment if you choose to accept it!

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Keep Smiling,

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MLM Sponsoring success is yours!

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Felicia Starks

Wow, Shalonda, thanks for posting this! I had a very similar story and it wasn’t until I read this that I realized that I, shoot we, were being set up! I went through friends and family and soon joined the NFL (no friends left) list! I’m so glad that I didn’t give up my search online for a way to build my business. I bought so many different programs in the past that helped but didn’t give me a full spectrum like what we have now. Thanks for the great article….this is one that I’ll probably refer some of my NM friends to that refuse to stop hounding their families!
Felicia Starks recently posted..Are You Full Of It?My Profile


Great post Shalonda!  A lot of times we have to learn by trial and error.  Some companies won’t teach half of what we are getting from Empower Network. Thanks for sharing!


Very true, it’s sad so many people will be duped into networking and begging and not even consider the wealth that can be created by marketing online. Good information.


Love this! I can absolutely relate! You MUST learn marketing skills!


Great write-up, Shalonda. I can’t wait till I’m sponsoring people while I’m sleeping.


tinamariemv Tina.. you know it.. See you found crazy success… and have even more to this story to tell.. I love how we can grow withi each other.. keep smiling


I feel like you’re speaking my story


CherylInniss Thanks so much Cheryl.  I’m still in awe.. yet the real exciting thing is that EACH OF US can do it.. that is what I really love.. is how duplicatable it is … keep smiling


missjsg Janet.. I’m just blessed to have met you during this journey.. and yes.. our best thinking is much better now.. keep smiling


silkties Right Aaron.. everything in it’s perfect timing huh.. lol. I think about how we are in the right place in the right time.. Thanks for stopping by.. keep smiling


These mlm sponsoring secrets are so very true.  Training is the key to sponsoring. Congratulations on your 50 people that you have personally sponsored.


How I Discovered The MLM Sponsoring Secrets. Yep Shalonda they sure didn’t teach me how to market in any of my network marketing companies. So glad I know better today. Great post!


How I discovered the MLM Sponsoring Secrets.
Great Post Shalonda. I agree with you, i have fallen victim to programs/products in the past that sell a dream and i Bought into it. I had recent success this past year online but I knew that there was something more to learn to enhance my marketing knowledge and overall team leadership. 

That is why I joined Empower Network!!!!

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