Some Facts That Explain Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing

by Shalonda Gordon in On-Line Marketing

The Truth About Mobile Marketing

It’s amazing how times have changed.

Who would have thought that a corporation could literally grow their business all from the comfort of their mobile device. Mobile marketing would have seemed impossible just 3 years ago.

Yet today mobile marketing is a very real thing.

Rather you accept it or not, the fact is that as we move forward the mobile device is becoming a real part of commerce.

I decided to do a little research about rather REAL money is being made through mobile marketing or not. What I found out will blow you away. (source)

Mobile Marketing Reality From Ownership Changes

As you will notice below the growth in smartphone owners since 2011. Check out the average age for owning the first cell phone is 13. Wow.. that is funny to me.. as I grew up in a time when if you wanted to reach me, I had to be in the house.. which then grew to you having to ‘beep’ me.. smiling.

mobile marketingAlso notice that it states that by the end of 2013 there will be more mobile devices on Earth then people. Smartphone ownership increased from 35% to 56% drastically over these two years.Looks like Mobile marketing is a very real thing.

Mobile Marketing Depends On The Actual Use Of The Smartphone

mobile marketingWe realize here that 50% of mobile users globally use their phones as a primary or exclusive means to get on the internet. Yet the part that sticks out is that 80% of mobile time is spent on apps. So this leads to the question are you using an app in your mobile marketing? Click Here to get your mobile marketing app.

mobile marketingIt is easier for the average person to understand how to move through the internet through their phones. The rate of mobile web adoption is way much faster (in fact 8 times faster) than web adoption back in 1990s and 2000s.

mobile marketingNow the data is becoming more and more in favor of mobile marketing.

Notice that Mobile has surpassed TV in terms of time spent by consumers on daily basis.

There was a time when the TV was the best place to advertise.. yet no more.

Now a days, people are looking at your ad on their smartphone or tablet while forwarding through commercials on TV.

Let’s Look At Mobile Marketing In Reference To Business, Commerce, and Retail

mobile marketingNotice that the facts show that if you’re not using mobile marketing that it is equivalent to closing your store one day each week. Can you really afford to close your door when your competition is staying available with their mobile optimized website? Click Here to snatch your mobile website.

mobile marketingRealize that 72% of tablet owners are purchasing directly from their devices. How much more do you need to know in order to realize that mobile marketing is a very real thing and is the becoming the best way to get your message in front of your consumer.

So How Do I Get A Piece Of The Mobile Marketing Pie?

Here is your assignment:

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Keep Smiling,

Shalonda Gordon

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Shalonda Gordon

Awesome Felicia.. I often wondered how we survived prior to mobile devices.. Ahhhh weren’t those the days.. lol.. keep smiling

Felicia Starks

You’re so right. the facts don’t lie, if you are optimized for mobile users, you may be out the game.
I know I use my phone for almost everything- looking up the phone number for a local business, facts on recent events, etc and I can’t recall the last time I went to my computer or looked through the yellow pages for something….in other words…mobile marketing is where it’s at.
Felicia Starks recently posted..Great Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It OffMy Profile

Shawn Johnson

Mobile marketing is one hot potato…

I never really tried it but I have been on the back end of others marketing this way. One I run across everyday is the marketing of different companies when listening to my favorite music on Pandora.

So this goes to show it works, its out there and people are cashing in on it. Great post – this really brings home on the big market that is out there when you market via mobile devices.
Shawn Johnson recently posted..Adrian Hines Empower Network (Helps Others Fight MLM Burn Out)My Profile

Lori Robertson

I dabbled a little in mobile marketing in the past and I got some great results, anyone who wants another marketing tool in their back pocket should definitely try mobile maketing.

Great statistics and overview.
Lori Robertson recently posted..Is Procrastination Kicking Your Behind?My Profile

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