My Favorite Oscar 2013 Pick!! And Yes.. they WON..

by Shalonda Gordon in Motivation

Favorite Oscar 2013 Pick

Wow.. every year there are so many that look forward to the Oscars.  I remember as a child watching the beautifully dressed Actresses and Actors walking the red carpet waiting the final moments to see if they have won one of the most prestigious awards available in the Acting community. The Oscar 2013 wasn’t any different.

Movie Buffs loved Oscar 2013 Results

Why.. because there were so many new comers to the stage at Oscar 2013.  See I’m a total movie buff.. I try to see every movie that comes out.. Ok. Ok.. maybe not every movie.. yet  most of them.. Personally I’m a Sci-Fi, Action, Mystery type.. smile.  Yet what ever movies you enjoy, there is a category for them at the Oscars.

Have you consider what your Oscar 2013 looks like??

Oscar 2013You are probably like what do you mean Shalonda?? I mean as you look over 2012.. what did YOU do to receive an Oscar 2013.  Here let me tell you a story.. smile.

See through out 2012 I realized that my Oscar was  becoming a Stay At Home Mom!!  Yet not just a stay at home Mom.. a SINGLE stay at home mom.  Why? Because as a single moms, most of the time we spend all our time taking care of our kids by working all the time.  We get the chance to wake them up in the morning.. and maybe feed them dinner and put them to bed.  Rarely do we have the time to mold them..just sit and talk with them (without being tired), go take a walk in the park and really play with them.  As I watched my daughters growing every day.. I felt the time slipping away and I REFUSED to allow my head hit my pillow another night.. where I “wondered” what my girls were thinking.. So I made a decision to become a stay at home Mom.. and offer my daughters front row seats to see me  change and become a mom that say’s “come here let’s talk”.. instead of “I’m tired.. go watch TV”!  Watch me become a mom that says “No” because they don’t earn it.. instead of ‘No, I can’t afford it”.   I decided that even though I will never be a Father.. I could still be a Mother that nurtures her children, because I have the time too.

So..  guess what… “The Nominees are… Shalonda Gordon” for becoming a Single Mom that Stays at home….(drum roll and the envelope is opened).. and the Oscar goes to “SHALONDA GORDON”

 My Favorite Oscar 2013 pick outside of Mines.. lol

Oscar 2013

Ok.. so this year one movie that really touched me was Les` Miserables.  This movie shows literally how once went from broke to being a person of means..  It shows how giving will only bring you favor.. It has love and heart break.. the wealthy and the poor.  If you really sit and watch this movie.. I’m sure you will find a part of it that you can relate to.  Now my favorite part was when Anne Hathaway sang “I Dreamed A Dream”.  I literally got goose bumps during this part of the movie.. and guess what she won the Oscar 2013 for Best Supporting Actress! Below I simply want you to hear the song she sung in the movie.  If you really listen to the words.. it may touch you in a way you never expected. Watch and check it out.

Now I like the song.. yet remember it’s from a musical.. so I don’t really agree with the words to this song today… yet don’t trip.. I remember a time when I felt that “there are dreams that cannot be, And there are storms we cannot weather”.  Why did I feel that way.. because I looked at my circumstances instead of focusing on my goals.  If you agree with this song completely, then I challenge you to take a moment to see where your focus is located.

Oscar 2013 shows that dreams do come true.. listen to all the winner’s speeches!

You know that your dreams are waiting on you.  So go after them. Ok. Ok.. you are like Shalonda, with what money, with what time, with what income producing activity?

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oscar 2013It’s time to prepare to collect your Oscar 2013.. and keep smiling,


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@tinamariemv Thanks Tina.. now all  we need is that AMAZING dress designed just for us.. and the shoes and accessories to go along with it.. Hey I see a road trip coming in our near future where we get dressed up and attend some award ceremony.. ROFL.. keep smiling


@cherieking Ahh Yeah Cherie.. it’s exciting to finally have the opportunity to live on this side of the mountain..  (you know the side where the dreams are becoming a reality, often.. if only for a second.. keep smiling


@joyce_edwards Thanks Joyce.. yeah.. we all deserve rewards.. I love.. keep smiling


@missjsg Ahhh Ms. Janet.. thanks so much.. yeah.. we are all winners here… keep smiling


You are probably like what do you mean Shalonda?? I mean as you look over 2012.. what did YOU do to receive an Oscar 2013 <~ I loved that! It’s so true! Thank you Shalonda. I’m smiling 🙂


I admit, it’s been YEARS since I’ve watched the Oscars.  But I appreciate this post Shalonda.  I agree with you about Anne’s performance of the song (goosebumps) AS WELL AS not agreeing with the words.  I know I had some dreams of my own back in our earlier years that have definitely come true and more to come! 🙂


Great analogy.  We may all win an Oscar someday, whether from out peers or our children or the things tt we will accomplish in life.


So glad, Shalonda, that I am preparing to receive my Oscar and have learned that dreams do come true. This is all due to what we get in the Empower Network and thru leaders like you. Thanks for sharing.


@fliplit Yeah.. I fill ya on that.. haven’t had a chance to see Django yet.. too busy blogging.. ROFL.. you know how we do.. keep smiling


@CherylInniss Cheryl.. you have to see the musical Les` Miserable.  I’ve seen it live at the FOX! with my dad.. it’s one of his favorite musicals.. lol… I love musicals.. I think you would enjoy it.. just bring tissue.. cuz if you stay with the story.. you will cry.. LOL.. keep smiling


@beckisva Thanks so much Becki.. everyday I fall deeper and deeper in love.. I used to hide from my kids.. in a since.. not wanting them to get too attached… knowing they wouldn’t have much time with me.. (I see a blog post coming Yet now.. I run to them.. Love it..keep smiling


Shalonda, reread the post, and the way you tied it all together speaks to your deftness  as a writer. Childhood is so fleeting, wonderful decision to be there  for your girls at this  time by working  at home… Thanks for bringing me back to the theme of giving for the joy of it.. Enjoyed your post!


Never knew you were such a movie buff!  I can relate, disappointed my man Jamie Foxx did not get the nod for  Django!


I guess I need to watch a little TV or movies … cause I never heard the song until today.  Simply beautiful.  Thanks for sharing this enlightening post


I’m not really into movies or the Oscars, but I love your analogy! And, yes the Oscar goes to…Shalonda Gordon!!  🙂  Kudos to you for stepping up and making a difference in your life in order to give your children the access to their mother that they truly need and desire! Great job!

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