Need SEO For Your Blog Then You Need SEOPressor!

by Shalonda Gordon in Blogging

SEOPressor makes me look like a Pro.. Yet….

seriously.. I really knew nothing about what the search engines were looking for when it came to SEO for my blog post.  I mean I noticed other people constantly migrating upward in the search engines.. and when I’d ask them.. they would say it’s in the SEO.. Ok.. WHAT??? LOL.. Now, since I’ve been on the Internet, marketing since 2009.. I eventually learned a few things.. but when it came to SEO for my blog.. I was still not quite at the top of the list.. if you get my point.  Then my business partner introduced me to SEOPressor.


So why tell you about SEOPressor NOW????

Oh.. that is an easy one.. Many partners, friends and family are getting involved in the BEST EVER.. Viral Blogging System known as Empower Network.. Folks are making money all over the internet.  There are people deciding to blog today that just 5 days ago said, “Ahhh that’s just not for me!” (Funny how some money can make something fit you perfectly.. ) Yet newbies at blogging really have no idea how to make your blog post so juicy that the search engines have to take a bite.

What can SEOPressor Do for YOU… Well…

Let me show you.. see SEOPressor is a wordpress plugin. It is going to basically give you a Score Card.. with task to complete in order to raise you score. Now I don’t know about you, but I love directions.  Give me the 1-2-3 and I’m on my way to success… place me in a dark room.. well.. I’m going to say.. ,”Ahhh that’s just not for me!”

Here let me show you.


So you start with your blog post.. and SEOPressor   is going to give you your SEOPressor Score card.  Notice how the Score starts at 30%.  Your probably like what is that.. well.. as you know already.. you must do some keyword research.  Well you place your keyword in.. notice the SEOPressor Keyword is seopressor.  Now on this example the keyword density is too high.. it’s at 33%… ouch.. The keyword density is the % of times the keyword is located in the blog post.  I personally like to stay between 2-3%… How do I know that.. DUDE.. I use SEOPressor.. lol.. Also notice the X’s going down the SEOPressor score card.  Well this is your check list.  You will need to complete each of these steps in order to make your blog full of SEO juice so that the search engines simply can’t resist your blog.

SEOPressorNow, notice the SEOPressor score card once all the steps are complete.  Now realize.. you didn’t have to take any long training, classes, or anything, though SEOPressor does offer training videos to move you through the steps.  When I first placed SEOPressor on my blog it took me about one hour to add my SEO Juice.. now.. I can do it in my sleep.. I actually added what was necessary to this blog as I typed it.. I LOVE THIS PLUGIN.

So many people are taking up blogging now, especially with the Empower Network adding 1000’s of new SERIOUS bloggers daily.  You really want to get ahead of the bunch.. Well this is one of my BEST KEPT SECRETS as to getting rankings on blog post.

Considering your are serious about making every blog count toward your ultimate goal of success, I would say it only makes sense that you add SEOPressor to your arsenal!

Keep Smiling,

So you’re ready to take your blogging to the level of success that leaves clues.. well CLICK HERE!  Oh.. and if you are NEW to blogging.. No need to do it on your own.. we have a community.. Simple  CLICK HERE and Join the Dream Team! Get SEOPressor and join me at the Top, smile.

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Thanks for the info Shalonda. I’m looking forward to getting a better look at the product.
Monyelle recently posted..10 Tips So Your Butt Doesn’t Get Bigger Than Your BusinessMy Profile


Reached your blog post through Digg. You know I am signing up to your feed.

Is Food Poisoning Contagious

This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.

David Sharp

I use a very similar plugin to this Chante and like you I find in invaluable in increasing my on page SEO. More people need to see this post to become aware of the benefits of correctly optimizing our blog posts.
David Sharp recently posted..Network Marketing Success Do Not Fear Failure!My Profile

Lilach Bullock

Thanks for this Chante. I’m currently using Scribe which by the looks of things does similar although I would be interested to see a comparison:)
Lilach Bullock recently posted..Does Pop Up Domination really increase your subscribers?My Profile

Chante Epps

I love SEO Pressor Shalonda, it’s a great tool that really helps make learning about the basics of SEO so simple 🙂
Chante Epps recently posted..Using Facebook for Business – 3 Easy Tips to Help You Build Your Home Based BusinessMy Profile

Val Heisey

Thanks Shalonda, I’m always looking for ways to improve my marketing strategies.
Val Heisey recently posted..Product or opportunity – what’s your pleasure?My Profile

John Moussan

Thanks for the tip Shalonda… I will definitely look into this one!
John Moussan recently posted..10 Effective Tips For Building Better Relationships – Part 3My Profile


Of Course I’m using it.. Brian.. LOL. I don’t speak about things that I do not use for myself.. I believe I stated that in the post.. yet thanks for taking the time.. keep smiling.

Robbyn Bielby

I must agree! BTW this blog is the best!


Really Terry.. I have used it for awhile.. and I love it.. if nothing else it taught me many things that I was not doing concerning my blogging SEO.. Thanks for the heads up.. I will pay attention to my other plug-ins.. keep smiling.

Brian R. Nolan

Hello, enjoying the blog. Are you by chance using SEOPressor? If you’re not you should really be. There is no plugin more critical.

Terry Petrovick

The SEOPressor is a great product from setting up your SEO but I found it conflicted with some of my plug-ins.
Terry Petrovick recently posted..3 Tactics For Getting You New Leads Every DayMy Profile

Reid Leitem

I like this web blog it’s a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

Marvin Cubano

Hi Admin. Thanks for the wonderful post!

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