Network Marketing VT a SCAM?

by Shalonda Gordon in MLM Reviews

network marketing vt a scam

Network Marketing VT A Scam?

There is a lot of buzz going around about how Network Marketing VT is a scam. I just heard the news today.. It appears as though they are not paying their people members.. or that they have not paid their distributors since September. Now let me first let it known that I am not, nor have I ever been am member of Network Marketing VT. From what I have heard from actual members is that they have not been paid.


Network Marketing VT A Scam or A Misunderstanding?

Now, I have heard many times before about individuals not getting paid or getting the run around in their business.  I personally have never found myself in this particular situations.  It is very unfortunate due to the fact that it places a bad taste in peoples mouths about our industry as a whole.  I mean my Pastor just spoke at church and gave the example of Network marketing in a negative since.. calling it a Pyramid.. which we all know is the reality of most that have jobs.  Yet when a company makes promises and does not follow through, how is one to respond.  My source tells me that they are unable to get on “Special Calls”, if they ask questions in the Facebook group, they are deleted. If they publicly question the integrity of the company they are removed from Network Marketing VT all together.. Oh.. WITHOUT getting the money owed them first! Understand this is from a Source.  If your story is different I ask that you comment on this post.  Let us know your side  of the story.  In this situation… I am simply getting out the information.  See, my business had a few glitches as the beginning and we had to work through them.  Some responded very negatively to the glitches.. which is why I ask is it a scam, or a misunderstanding.

Network Marketing VT a Scam brings a person to the realization of why

people join PEOPLE not businesses!

So I ask you this.. if you are reading this blog post.. there is a chance that you are investigating this company for a few reasons.  You are already in and you have not been paid.. yet you believe in the 100% Commission model.. Click Here! To join the Original 100% Commission Biz! Another reason why you are looking at this post is simply because you are nosey.. LOL.. I’m like that too.. just want to see what people are saying. Well Click Here and start making 100% Commission with a company that actually pays their Affiliates.. (I know this for a fact)!

Based on my research.. I would not recommend Network Marketing VT, yet you can Click Here to see my recommendation

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Actually Fred.. most of the LEADERS of Empower are not in BOTH companies.. kind of what our founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe talk about often… staying focused on one thing. So that is misleading. Now, as I never left EN to check out anything else.. I mean why leave what’s working.. I’m not sure of all that are involved in NMVT, yet I do know that my blog post came from a member inside.. and I will keep smiling

Fred Sylvain

Thanks for the info on NMVT. I hope that the problem with payments is just a glitch – growing pains maybe. I just came across a positive review of NMVT by Stephanie Deneke, an assoociate of David Wood. I understand that the leaders in NMVT are also Empower Network affiliates. In any case here is a link to Stephanie’s review:
Keep on smiling

Cheryl J. Moses

Hey Shalonda,

I’m here because I’m nosey lol. This is exactly why network marketing has been given such a bad reputation. It’s also the reason why I don’t jump into any and everything without asking questions first, especially with new companies. This is very interesting news as I was wondering about the company anyway. Thanks for sharing.
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